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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Regift Rules

Rigging up the lights...

Happy Birthday!

I agree so much I think I strained something vital...

Happy Halloween!

Thunder Snow

Followers, Pumpkins and Apples

Pumpkin Pickers

Guess who just turned 2?

Still alive!

Hi-5, Shhhh!


Oh we go again

State Fair and Haircuts

Curly Hair - Lessons Learned Part 36

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Post Vacation Thoughts

Beach Adventure

Perfect Timing

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

How does that happen?

Tyler Politics and Anniversary

Da Bears!

No good very bad day...

Binki Experiment - Day 2 (Thanks Lotus!)

Dragon Flys, Boys, and Making Babies

WeAss #219 Transportation

Opening Pandora's ... er ... Website!

Friends in the News

"Can you feel the soft cool grass...feel it with your toes..." L. Berkner

Photos from the Show

The wolf said WHAT!??

Bring it back!

Max's First Words

Milestone: Tyler's First Movie (non-animated)

For Liz

Little League 2008 & Stuff

Gerber NUK learner sippy cup

Student of the Month

On being adopted in the 60s...

WeAss #214 - ChaChaChaChanges

Where do these people COME from?!

Monday Photo Shoot #18: Unreal!



Attn: Tooth Fairy

RIP Ollie

Teen Hijinx

Name That Tune!

TAG: I'm it.

April Fools!

Tyler wants...