Regift Rules

When John and I got married, an old high school buddy of his gifted us with an electric can opener. When I opened the box, I found an appliance in a color that was popular about two decades earlier and there was a wedding gift card inside with a note for "Sam and Elena" to enjoy it in good health.* We giggled over that regift for a long time and were thrilled that the retro opener actually looked great in our seriously outdated rental kitchen.

*names changed to protect the guilty

AOL had a feature on regifting horror stories on their homepage today and it inspired me to start a list of regifting rules, just in time for this gift-giving season:

1. Check the box carefully to be sure there are no gift cards thoughtfully enclosed.
2. Be sure there are no incriminating shipping labels affixed to the outside of the box.
3. Check the item to make sure it's not a collectible with a date on the bottom (unless the recipient collects that sort of thing). Nothing like getting a nice Christmas ornament as a gift then finding out is says "1993" on the back.
4. In addition to dates, check for personalization. Don't regift that nice coffeetable book that didn't fit on your coffeetable without checking inside the covers for a note.
5. Confer with household members to be certain you don't re-gift an item to the person who gave it to you/them in the first place.
6. If the item has been in the attic for a number of years, ask for a second opinion on if the item is "retro" and "back in style" or just OLD and DATED.
7. When you check inside the box for that thoughtfully enclosed gift card, also check to be sure all the parts of the gift are still in the box and that the item doesn't look "used" in some way.

Can you think of anything to add to this list?


Monica said…
The only thing I ever regifted was a beautiful crystal bowl. I received TWO identical bowls when I got married. Hopefully the person I gave it to could use it or regift it! :-)

That is funny about the can opener - but, hey it worked in your kitchen!

Bridgett said…
I think you've got most of the bases covered as far as the rules. :)

You know, as far as I know, I've never been regifted!

Too funny about the can opener, but hey, it worked for you anyway! :)

Sara said…
Chuckles at your regifting rules... I will follow each and every one, if ever I decide to regift something :o)

My Dad does regifting alot, but he tells me that someone else gave it to him. I would say that should be a big no no!

jennifer said…
From my personal experience as the gifted, not giver:

1. Be sure the sweater is clean. Old, set-in stains are, well, off-putting.

2. Be certain that cookie-cutter set is completely free of old dough.

Fortunately, the spirit of the gift was far more important. And the cookie dough story is a classic around my house.
Chris said…
That is too funny, how embarrassing:)
Anonymous said…
I regift gift cards to places I know I'll never go. :) It's easy enough.
Unhinged said…
Great, Becky. Thanks for making me pee my panties.
freeepeace said…
Haha, I love the disclaimer to the regifted wedding present story. Too cute.

I don't swap gifts enough to worry about regifting. Although, I do have a pile of gifts from over the years that I've never used. I just don't feel right about giving them as gifts, considering they didn't appeal to me in the first place.

Astaryth said…
Too Funny!

Just dropping by to wish you, your husband and the boys a very Merry Christmas! Hope your holiday is filled with laughter and Love!

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