I've been emailing with Tyler's birth grandmother (his birth father's mom) over the last few days. K is very sweet and it breaks my heart to think about what she is going through. Like most Moms whose kids move away from home, she was storing a ton of stuff for J in her garage. Intense emotions are being stirred up as she sorts through some of these boxes. If there can be a plus side to her tragic loss, she has found some joy in discovering some of J's toys from his childhood. K decided she wanted to share some of them with Tyler and Max, so she promptly boxed them up and sent them to the boys as a surprise.

I decided to film the boys as they opened their boxes so K could share in the excitement. Tyler is funny. I don't think he really likes surprises. He pestered me all afternoon for hints as to what was in his box. I wanted to finish a couple of things before I got out the camera and let the kids do the opening. I should have known that prolonging the suspense (and having John throw out mock guesses as to what might be in the boxes...including items Tyler really wants...grrr Daddy!), the actual moment of unveiling was less that what I was hoping for. But as he took the time to check out each toy, his excitement grew. I should probably invest in the DVD box set of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons from the 80s so Ty will know who all these characters are. The new TMNT cartoon is different from the original with all new villains.

Max had his own box to open too and he was pleased with his action figures (GI Joe and Transformers), but he was even more pleased with the box and the bubble wrap. *sigh* Kids are so funny.

Sorry for the audio bad spots. This isn't the first time the audio has cut out on a video like that. I think it happens when the battery level gets low on my Flip, or there are some bad sectors on the Flip memory. I hope it's the first, because the second would be a pain.

The surprises didn't end there. K sent one final surprise to John and I think the boys got a huge "kick" out of this one.


Donna. W said…
That Max seems like such a quiet, thoughtful little guy, taking it all in. Tyler acts like every little boy that age that I've ever seen. When that whistle first came out of the box, I thought, uh-oh, they're going to be hearing that plenty!
Anonymous said…
What a nice entry. Tyler's birth grandmother must be so happy that you have allowed her to be part of Tyler's life. I felt so happy for her. You and John are great parents. A win, win situation. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
You have such a big heart to reach out to the paternal grandmother like that. What a loving family. Tyler and Max have no idea how lucky they are yet!
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention how impressed I am with Tylers reading skills. Or maybe he is older than I remember? Smart boys you have there!
freeepeace said…
Fun stuff. It's like Christmas over there.

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