Bring it back!

Monica has a great topic in her journal today...stuff we miss that we wish would make a comeback - like the old fried apple pie at McDonalds or ice cold Coke in those signature glass bottles.

I could spend a whole entry just on McDonalds alone. I want the original chicken nuggets back (before they were "all white meat" and dry as hell), I want the old french fries back - who cares if they spray them with a beef flavored coating?!, the amazing cheddar burger (quarter pounder sized patty on a whole wheat bun with cheddar cheese sauce and grilled onions...omg they are heaven), the ORIGINAL shakes before they made them lower in fat and took out the industrial plastics that made them so thick...and so on. LOL

But let's move beyond the superficial (and food)... what else would I like to see make a comeback? My waist would be a good one. I miss that. My stamina and upper body strength. Those would be good too.

How about a genuine sense of community? Where are the block parties? The concerts on the green? Folks having open house parties with the grills fired up in the driveway and kegs of beer on ice in the garage? We're all too busy in our own lives and have lost that connection with each other in this town.

I asked John this question too and we brain-stormed. Marathon bars! Remember those? It was like a braid of caramel dipped in chocolate. Mmm! He says "good music on the radio" and I chimed in with "The REAL MTV!" not this reality TV craptastic channel it's turned into.

Wetson's hamburgers (from John). He says it was a burger place in the 60s. I have no clue. LOL! It's funny how many food related things we are thinking of. "New Coke!" He loved New Coke apparently.

Palisades Amusement Park (again from John). Long gone, but not forgotten.

Fanny Farmer chocolate stores. They had the BEST jelly beans ever (yes, even better than Jelly Belly).

There are a TON of TV shows we came up with, but I won't list them all. Honestly, if TV execs and writers have run out of ideas, then why not remake some TV classics? They do it enough in the movies. Look at Battlestar Galactica! That show is kick-ass!

Yeah, all this stuff is pretty superficial. I could list big things like strong and honest government, lower taxes, bringing back the peace (and our soldiers), and freakin' SCHOOL BUSES in this dang town... but superficial is better for my blood pressure.

What would YOU like to see make a come back?

EDITED to add:

For Andi -

Well...I can bring you 3, because they actually DID come back (or never left). OK, so the legwarmers are for the diapers and spitup set, but hey...they are BACK!

Xanadu - on broadway...

For Lori -

I give you where you can find the closest open drive-in to you. Maybe there is still one that is within a reasonable drive distance! We've been talking about a field trip to one in CT for a while. I think the boys would get a kick out of it. California is your best bet to find a woody. They are a cult classic with the aging surfers out there. ;-)


Unhinged said…
Well. Ahem.



Strobe lights.

Spencer's Gifts.

Leg warmers.

Biker shorts.
I'd love to take my kids to a drive-in movie. In a woody station-wagon.
Chris said…
You already hit on mine, block parties. I'm making a start this weekend by cooking for a school wide BBQ for the martial arts school. But we have a community pool so we will definitely have some neighborhood cookouts this year! I so remember the red checkered table clothes, eating pringles potato chips (new at the time), and chasing lightning bugs with cousins.
Monica said…
The drive in theater was one Sonny and I were talking about after I wrote the entry. I found that website once before - still far from any drive-ins. ::sigh::

Block parties would be fun - I forgot about those! They were the greatest!

I like the stuff you came up with - I kept with superficial myself, the other government issues just raise my blood pressure too.

freeepeace said…
What a GREAT topic. And great post. I'm with you about McD's french fries. PBX is all about Battlestar Galactica today. I miss Kate & Allie and Fame, the series. I don't miss MTV and don't watch it today. But how about Atari games like ET and Pitfall? Oooh, now my wheels are spinning. And I'm too tired, after attempting over a hundred handstands today. Oh, that would be nice, the comeback of my solid handstands and back walkovers.
Anonymous said…
Well, I was foolish enough to think block parties had only disappeard here. We had a new neighbor move in a year or so ago. I printed up flyers (10) for the existing neighbors suggesting we put together a welcome basket. All they needed to do was come by, sign the card, and contribute their item. I got two replies!

Bring back summer evenings when everyone would sit out on their porch and mingle with one another. I miss the days when you could actually leave your doors unlocked.

Great topic! The list goes on and on for me.
Donna. W said…
Two things from the old corner drugstore of my childhood: REAL cherry Cokes mixed at the fountain, and REAL malts. Malts are so much better than shakes. Yes, Sonic has them, but they're nothing like the old ones at the counter of a drug store.

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