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We got Tyler's team photos today...

Tyler's Player Photo

I was instantly struck by how similar this photo is to last year's...

Tyler's Player Photo

He does look a tad younger and less experienced. This year's I think he looks more confident (less squinty too - LOL darn that sun). I have to laugh at the photographer a bit. He finds one good pose and really sticks with it, doesn't he. Props for consistency. Ha! I used a new (to me) photo editing program on the latest picture. Did a bit of color correction. The original shot looks just like the old photo...kinda pale and washed out. Not a true reflection of reality. Anywho, I'm proud of my little slugger. :-)

Changing subjects. We went up north to visit my parents this past weekend. I spent Mother's Day trying to keep Max out of trouble in their very un-child-proof home while John slept in. Wha? Yeah. I feel a little ripped off there. ;-) Tyler made me a, er, decoupage (I guess that's what you'd call it) flower vase and a hand-colored Mother's Day card. I love it when Tyler makes me things. And he loves it when I display them proudly on my desk. Plus John filled the card with my favorite lottery scratch tickets (thanks Hun)...then we all went out to eat at mine and my Mother's favorite local restaurant. Max was acting up a fair amount (the lethal tired + bored + hungry combo) so it was hard to taste and enjoy my meal. Oh well. John told me NEXT year he will make sure the day is all about me and won't let my mom hijack it in her normal modus operandi.

I've been so tired lately. No energy to be online. Lacking concentration. Nothing creative to write about here. I feel very disconnected from my online circle of friends. One even called me to complain that she never gets to chat with me anymore (sorry Kimmy!) I owe her a phone call. Ever since she and a couple other online pals started working full time, it's getting harder and harder to stay connected with them. I know earning a living is important, but I'm sucks that these ladies aren't stay-at-homes any more. I'm at my most energetic in the early afternoon (right after my nap with Max). LOL And now I don't have anyone to IM with. Since I know there isn't anyone to chat with, there's no reason to even go online so I just do other stuff.

I keep forgetting to even sign in on AIM or Yahoo or Messenger. Tsk. That doesn't help either.

I thought once the winter was over and I finally got my health back (yay for not needing to blow my nose every 3 seconds and not wetting myself from coughing so hard!) that I would get some of my seasonal motivation back. Have a desire to get out of the house more. Use my new camera. But I still feel so so wiped out. I was sick pretty much non-stop for over 3 months. I have no stamina. No energy. It sucks! I fear it's all just a steady down-hill slide if I don't DO something soon. I think I need to start with a visit to my doctor. I honestly feel like I need physical therapy after all these months of illness and inactivity.

I'm all out of whack and all out of words. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my Mommy pals.


Wow. I had no idea you'd been feeling crappy for so long. I hope the warmer weather mends everything soon.

That is one. cute. son you've got!
I've been MIA as well. I'm hoping to be more present online and in real life again. I feel like I've let a lot slip getting ready for the wedding and all that.
I am sorry you're feeling so low still. Definitely check in with your doc. I'm going to my umpteenth doc appt on Friday. :)
Tyler looks so adorable. Give my love to John and the boys. And big hugs to you.
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I'm coming out of the shadows to suggest that you ask your doctor to test your thyroid if you haven't done that already. When I felt completely unmotivated and low energy, my doctor did some testing and we found out that I'm hypo-thyroid (underactive thyroid). Lots of women are....since the American Association of Endocrinoligists changed the scale in 2003, if your TSH # is over 3, you are considered hypo-thyroid (before that, it was 5 and over.) Mine was 5.8. Either way, I was over. But some labs still use the old scale of 5 and over, so be aware!! There are meds out there to treat hypo-thyroidism so if it's that, you can feel encouraged to know you CAN feel better!!

Take care - feel better,
:) Carol (
Anonymous said…
Tyler looks great in this little slugger photo.
Sorry your Mother's Day wasn't more about you but 53 years later I am still doing Mother's Day for MY MOTHER! My children added some nice touches but it was still about making grandma feel special:) Oh well.
BTW, I still have some of their handmade gifts...they are the best!

I hope you feel better soon. However I am somewhat offended;) I AM NOT WORKING outside the home and have the same blahs, lack of energy, little to write about syndrome but do you IM ME? NO!!!
"Since I know there isn't anyone to chat with, there's no reason to even go online so I just do other stuff." HA!
freeepeace said…
I agree. He looks a tad more mature and definitely looks more experienced and confident. What a great reflection. What position does he play? Or perhaps a better question: what position does he LIKE to play?

You might be able to catch me online once in a while if you're looking for a chat. I'm typically looking for a good distraction. ;) freeepeace is the ID of course. Hit me up.

Otherwise, trust your body and rest when you need to. xo
Anonymous said…
Tyler is just adorable!

Some of us don't work either ya know ;) I'm nearly always on AIM, just on my other ID that I made to use with people I play WoW with, xendra572. I'm not always actually at the computer and I don't usually bother with the "away" message but it does show me idle if I haven't done anything online for awhile. Send me a message whenever :)

Shari said…
Tyler is cute as a button!!
(((Hugs))) I had no idea you were feeling so icky! I hope that this nice warm weather will turn things around for you!
Chris said…
Great pictures. They remind me of when Brett was playing baseball over a decade ago.

I'm sorry you're out of whack. I hear Sam's Club is having a sale on whack, maybe you can pick some up there? :)
Monica said…
The weather can't help our moods - I know I was fighting a lot of crappiness myself. Today with the sunshine, life just felt better!

As for Tyler - I think the top photo he looks so much more confident and ready to PLAY!

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