How does that happen?

July 4th has snuck up on me! John suddenly announced on Friday that the carnival and fireworks show we take Tyler (and now Max) to was the next day. WHAT? Good thing he checked or the boys would have missed it this year! I was a little nervous about Max, fireworks and being out so late; but he did great!

Next hurdle is a visit to Grandma and Grampie's house this weekend. Two years in a row my mom has promised to get the boys some kind of inflatable water play gizmo, and thus far the boys have been disappointed (she waits too long then the item she goes to get is sold out).

My poor blog has really suffered since I got a new computer. I have videos to unload off my Flip, but I can't get it working right. I can't find the disk to install the software to unload pictures from my camera either. And without photos and video, I think things get kinda dull here. Heh.

Ah well. Back to the struggle.


Chris said…
Happy 4th of July, guys! Hopefully the kids won't be disappointed this year!
Donna. W said…
I don't use software to load pictures from the camera to my computer. I put the card in the card-reader, click on "My computer" and select "F", which is under "devices with removable storage".
Becky said…
Glad you made the fireworks! We missed them this year! All too tired from being gone and other things! :o(
I finally got around to linking you on my page!!
Anonymous said…
Your life isn't dull to or not:)

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