Beach Adventure

We took the boys to the shore today - Max's first visit. Unfortunately the conditions weren't ideal for photo taking because of the fog and heavy surf, but it made things interesting. Max was thrilled with the sand. After his reaction to bare feet on grass, I was worried. No need! He was kicking his shoes off as we were walking toward the water! Tyler set right to work on a sand castle and Max took off exploring. Yes, I know. We ran after him a LOT today. Heh. He would get 50 yards away or so and then look for us. With all the people and the fog, most of the time he wouldn't see me flapping my arms wildly and yelling his name, so he would start to cry. Aww!

Max also cried as we were leaving the beach. He did NOT want to go. It was so cute! A very different reaction from Tyler's first time. Ty was petrified of the waves and couldn't stand the way sand felt on his feet. I swear these boys seem to be almost exact opposites of each other.

Photos from our adventures are in my Flickr album.


Becky said…
How fun!!! Wish we could go to beaches more and often!
Those are great pictures! Looks like a fun time for you and your boys.
freeepeace said…
Wow! Amazing photos.

How's that webcam? Let's put it to use this weekend!
Donna. W said…
I love the ocean. Being from the land-locked Midwest, I haven't had many opportunities to enjoy beaches, but it's been a big thrill when I had the opportunity.
Wow, when did he become a little boy and not a baby. Looks like such fun!

Tyler is looking so big, you can almost see him as an adult.
Shari said…
I love overcast days at the beach here...less tourists haha!
I can't believe how big the boys are getting Becky!
I have to tell you I'm a little worried abotu Gianna and the beach, we still haven't taken her, she is another one who hates to be barefoot, hates the grass, and hates any form of dirt...should be a fun 5 minutes at the beach for us, huh, lol
Unhinged said…
Great photos! And wow-wee, Tyler is almost too pretty to go pee, isn't he?


I love the beach. The sounds. The ambiance. If I'm at the beach, the winds are usually blowing and that means goose bump-itus, so the feel of the sun on my body is soothing.

Nature is quite healing.
Anonymous said…
Great photos! I love living near the ocean.

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