Photos from the Show

As I mentioned before, while I was taking video with one hand, I was shooting photos with the other. Here they are.

I decided to just do a one time share rather than post them on my Shutterfly site/album because there are photos of some of Tyler's classmates in there. Shutterfly photos don't show up in search engines and the only way to view them is through that link. Just trying to be mindful of showing other people's kids on the net (something I never used to give much thought to in the past since I never had any hesitation to share photos of my own kids.)

The photos turned out much better than the video did (sorry about that!) LOL! I used my new (birthday) Sigma telephoto lens and quickly realized we were sitting too close to the stage. Wow can that thing zoom in. A good lesson for next time. Plus maybe if we sit further back, I won't freak Tyler out with all that A/V equipment trained on his every move. Heh.

As I said in the note included with the photo link, Tyler and I had a long talk when he got home from school that day about why is Mommy is so camera crazy. He remembered the previous conversation where I explained about childhood memories and looking back one day when he is older. He can't imagine being older at this stage of life, so obviously that argument didn't hold much water with him. Then I went on to talk about all the people in his life who love him and can't always be around to see him growing up and doing cool stuff. It was light-bulb moment for him. "Oh yeah! Grandma and Grampy and Grandma Lois didn't get to see my show! It's too far to drive to get there on time in the morning..." Then he was thrilled I had made the video of the whole show so his grandparents and aunts and uncles and all those nice internet friends could all see him in his play. He wants you all to know that he "worked real hard" and he's sorry he didn't sing the bad wolf song (he thought it was too silly.) Then he wanted to make a video of his brother's butt to share on the internet. Funny, kid. Very funny.

I'll have to remember this argument for the future. "Tyler, smile nice please. Remember, all those people who love you want to see how big you are getting. Photos are important!" Heh. Maybe it will work. We'll see.

Oh! And just an aside... I've mentioned her before, but, Tyler has a classmate who looks just like Dora (from Dora The Explorer). She happens to be a HUGE Dora fan and deliberately tries to maintain her "Dora" look...right down to the hair cut. There's a photo of her at the link above. She's so adorable and a really sweet kid (who likes Tyler a lot.)


Anonymous said…
Cute pictures of Tyler. Maybe someday, we will say "I knew him when".
Shari said…
Great pics Becky!
He is getting so big :)
Chris said…
Hola Dora!

That DOES look like here, where's Boots? :)
Liz said…
Love the pictures of Tyler...only he's growing up too fast!

What adventure are we going on with Dora today?

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
Your camera takes great photos...maybe I should get one. Oh wait, I have one! Maybe I shouldn't be so afraid to break it out and use it. Ty looks great. And Dora, how cute is she?! Tyler has a girlfriend;)

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