Milestone: Tyler's First Movie (non-animated)

We just got finished watching E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial with Tyler. This marks the first time he's sat through an entire feature-length, live-action film (AND paid attention AND liked it!) The only other movie I know of that he's watched, in it's entirety before, is Finding Nemo.

It's interesting to watch this movie again, after so many years...and to see it from the perspective of a very naive and inexperienced 6 year old. He knows nothing of mans search for alien life, or the paranoia of government against any unknown and potential threat, or the effects of exposure to exotic life-forms and the precautions needed to prevent the spread of disease (wow, the questions we got when the faceless men in space-suits showed up at Elliot's house.)

We talked about radiation again (remember the microwave incident?) and it's effects on the human body. That sparked a whole side track on "cancer" and how it forms and why. Whew! Who knew E.T. would be such a catalyst for conversation on so many divergent subjects. We spent a great deal of time talking about the potential of life on other planets (and Tyler's certainty that alien life DOES exist and has already visited us.)

In the end, it's interesting to note that this movie still makes me cry. I cry at the part where it appears that E.T. has died (even tho I know he isn't really dead) and I cry at the farewell scene. Like a baby. Tyler was so engrossed in the chase scene and the space ship landing, I don't think he even noticed Mommy blubbering right next to him on the sofa.

He got so much out of this movie night experience, that I only feel slightly guilty for letting him stay up until 10:30pm to finish watching. Heh. At least it's a Friday night and there's no school tomorrow.

Oh! And he won't look at me funny any more when I point at him and say "Be good!" while doing my best E.T. impression. Yay for updating Tyler's pop-culture references!


Monica said…
I hope you are printing out these milestones and saving them for him to read later in years!

I can only imagine ALL the questions you would get after watching the movie. Oh, and I cry like a baby too - even when I KNOW the outcome!

Kiva said…
Good for him! I'd wonder about him if he didn't have questions!
freeepeace said…
Wow. Amazing on so many levels. I didn't realize there were still children in the world who haven't yet seen R rated movies or played violent video games. (good mama)

ET is a timeless classic. And now I want to watch it again. I cry just thinking about it. Ellllliiiioooottt

Chris said…
My baby (8 y/o) has been very sick since Thursday (strep) and he has watched E.T. twice as he has done nothing but lay in bed.

Glad Tyler liked it so much!
Laura said…
holly told me that she and daniel watched et last night together too. he loved it and couldn't stop talking about it.

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