Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

After initial worries that Santa was going to seem "cheap" this year, we actually had a very nice Christmas. Once all the gifts were under the tree, all was well. I was grateful to extended family who sent gifts to the boys. Plus Daddy did an excellent job of last minute shoppery so that Santa could stuff the stockings to the bursting point.

Because of my MIL's boycott on Christmas cookie baking last year (oh it was TRAGIC!), I got ambitious and made cookies myself this year. The plan was for the boys and Nana (my mom) to help me decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles. Sadly, we were too busy and the cookies were forgotten until after my parents left today.

Tyler was a little frustrated that he couldn't control the icing bag to his perfectionist satisfaction and gave up after three cookies (they looked terrific, by the way). Max was handed cookies that were pre-iced (yeah, I'm not crazy) and he proceeded to take each of his variety of sprinkle cups and dump them ALL onto his first batch of cookies. That was pretty funny. Then he was done. That left me to finish the remainder of the 3 dozen sugar cookies myself. It was tedious work, but fun! When I brought the tray full of cookie art back into the kitchen, I made a comment to John about bringing some of them plus the 2 dozen oatmeal/peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies I'd made on Christmas eve over to my MIL's for Christmas Part Deux.

He paused with a funny look on his face and said, "OK...but you know my mom made cookies this year, right?"


So much for me being the cookie savior this year. LOL! Back later with photos. It's time now for a Mario Kart showdown between Tyler and I. He's going to eat my Wii dust!


Astaryth said…
The Wii rocks! We got one this last fall. AND, MarioKart is too cool. G and I got it when it came out and for a while we raced constantly. We've pulled back some because the Christmas tree is in sort of a bad place for playing and also G got two new games and one of the guns for xmas. He -really- wants the tree down LOL! Still, I'm making him wait till New Years ;p
freeepeace said…
OMG! Hahaha...great delivery all around. So funny about the cookies. That's it! I'm coming to play wii! I'm ready for some fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVE! xoxox
Chris said…
I guess that you just had a lot of cookies then:)

We didn't cook a single cookie this year, but I knew my Mom would take care of us and she did!
BosieLadie said…
Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I bet the boys had a wonderful time with the cookies and Christmas this year.
Bridgett said…
Oooh! Wii Mario Kart. Is that game good? We just got our Wii system and I'm trying to figure out which games I want to buy.

You can send some of your cookies my way...they sound yummy. :)

Glad you had a lovely Christmas.


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