Pumpkin Pickers

We did manage to tear Tyler away from the giant haystack long enough to pick out two pumpkins. He announced that we would NOT carve them this year. He would rather just paint a face on his. (I think he's afraid the carving process would be painful to his adorable little pumpkin. It's just too cute!)
Both boys are currently fighting head colds. I think Tyler is mostly over his, but poor Max is a mega-snot-factory. It's scary what comes out of that little nose of his.
I am usually in full Halloween mania by now, but I find myself feeling just plain tired.
I also recently realized that Tyler's birthday is swiftly approaching and other than our annual family trip to celebrate both boys' birthdays at the Lodge...I have no other party venue booked. I'd better get on that!


Chris said…
Alexis and Trevor just did a corn maze and hay ride last night. The loved it too. Great pictures!
Donna. W said…
There is something about that curly-headed little Max that just makes me want to come and steal him. Give him a hug for me, OK?
Anonymous said…
Looking at your photos brinh back happy memories of my own children doing the same things. Thanks for sharing your boys with us all.
Anonymous said…
Oh how cute. We did a farm field trip with Sarah's class on Tuesday. It was my last hurrah before the surgery. It was so much fun to watch the kids run around the corn maze.
The boys are getting so big.
Bridgett said…
I just can't believe how big they've both become! Especially Max. Wow.

I hope they're feeling better soon adn I hope mommy has more energy to plan those birthday parties! :)

Anonymous said…
Looks like the boys had fun. Hope you recovered. I vote for a celebration in Colonial Williamsburg so you can meet up with a fellow blog/vlogger! Plus if you leave soon you can go to Busch Gardens HallowScream! They would love that! I'm a bit late on my comment but I hope the colds are better. Are you still tired?
Rhea said…
Your boys are adorable!!

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