Tyler Politics and Anniversary

After watching a TV segment that featured a song listing all the U.S. Presidents...Tyler says to me: "Mom? Are girls allowed to be President?"

I was a bit taken aback that he'd noticed all our former presidents (and the current one) were men. "Well Ty, in theory, yes - a woman can become President. It just hasn't happened yet."


"Um...because for a long time women weren't even allowed to vote and none of them ever ran for President until recently. There was a lady running for President for this next election, but it looks like she is out of the race."

"Oh. Mom? I wish you could be President. I would vote for you. Maybe you can do that when you get old?"

"Ha! Aww...thanks Ty. Maybe someday."

Chances of a college drop-out and full time Mom getting to be President one day? Unlikely. The fact that my son wants to vote for me? Priceless.

And in other news: Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. I was so exhausted and stressed this week, I completely forgot what day/date it was and I don't even have a card for my sweetie. So I just want to say to my husband...thank God you're home and I love you, baby! If you have to go away again for any time longer than overnight, I'm going with you. The boys can stay with Grandma! Ha!


Lovely...God bless your family...your kids seem to be really nice...congrats...see ya!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! :)

And President might not be in your future, but Tyler seems pretty astute. Maybe you'll be First Mom one day.
Chris said…
Happy Anniversary, Mrs. President!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I'll vote for you too;)
freeepeace said…
"...when you get old." even more priceless

Happy anniversary! Enjoy your time together, Mrs. President and First Husband. I mean, seriously, it even looks good written that way.
IndigoSunMoon said…
Happy Anniversary to you both! And that kid of yours...hell, he may be president one day!
Too cute!
jennifer said…
Happy Anniversary! Tuesday is my 16th, and thankfully I read your blog and looked at the date.

Maybe you SHOULD be president.
Becky said…
We just had 16 yrs. too!!! Congrats!!
That was the sweetest thing that Tyler said to you!!
I think a full time mom would be the perfect president, to represent the rest of us! :o)
Monica said…
I'd vote for you ... maybe the nation NEEDS a mom to run it and get things back in order!

Happy Anniversary!


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