Max's First Words

For the past couple months, we've had some concerns about Max and his speech. Worried about a delay, we spoke to his doctor. She reassured us that speaking "later" is common in boys; particularly boys with older siblings. Suddenly, a couple weeks ago, Max started saying more words! His list now includes Mama, Dada, TyTy or Tyler (said like "Tywer" so cute!), good, more, bye bye, all done, that, shoes, and the words featured in the following cute videos (please ignore Max's chocolate covered puss and jammies - he was chowing on chocolate chip cookies right before I shot this footage. LOL):

And one more word!

Needless to say, we are tickled! I've been spending more time trying to engage Max in trying to say new words. I also spend all day talking about everything I'm doing and asking Max questions. The conversation is very one-sided and anyone eavesdropping on the baby monitor frequency probably thinks I'm nuts. LOL


Anonymous said…
Awww, I miss those days. They will only think you are nuts if they never had kids:)
Laura said…
hurray for max! one of our girls was a little slow too but then again why talk when big sis does all the talking for you? i guess max was thinking the same thing.
freeepeace said…
Cuuute! I love how Tywer came over to hug and kiss his baby brother.

I dunno, I have plenty of one-way conversations. Maybe I should get a baby monitor.
Ally said…
yay Max!
Liz said…
Hooray Max!!!! Hey...sometimes this 41 year doesn't feel like talking either! LOL Very cute, though...he knows his stuff, that's for sure.

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
will you please come see me!! i want to eat him up!!!!

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