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One year later!?

I can't believe it's been a year since I last posted. The sad thing is, I sat at my desk today to post about many of the same issues I talked about this time last year and if I hadn't just re-read my last post, I wouldn't have realized it. Nothing has changed. To be honest, the world has become a toxic and horrible place. Let me start with some positive news. My eldest graduated high school. There were MANY bumps in the road but I made promises not to be as frank and open about the people closest to me anymore. Apparently everyone thinks I run my mouth too much. I have no friends so I don't know who my kid thinks I'm "gossiping" with. I used to post on Facebook once a day, but now if you see a post from me once a month, that's rare. Max will be in 8th grade in the Fall. He is the sunshine in my days. He checks in on me, has long rambling conversations on any topic, and is still happy to hug his old mom. He is the reason I can get up in the morn

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