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I received an interesting letter in the mail today from pricewaterhouse. Apparently, Google owes me money. I've actually known this for quite a while now but I don't receive enough views on this blog or on my YouTube channel to reach their minimum AdSense threshold level. I'm only 80 cents away from receiving my first big check from YouTube. 😆 What is the minimum amount of money you have to earn in order for Google AdSense to cut you a check? That would be $100. If anyone is still reading my blog, can you do me a kind favor? Please click on an ad here on this blog or go to my Becky Yanagi YouTube channel and watch a video and maybe click on an ad there. You don't have to buy anything, just watch an ad. I have no idea how many ad views it will take to earn me that last $0.80 but it would be nice to finally get paid. 🤣 It's only taking me 20 years to earn $99. How do those YouTube stars do it I wonder.

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