Da Bears!

I got an automated phone call from my son's school the other day. They have this system that phones every emergency contact number you list on a form at the beginning of the school year and plays a recording to whomever answers.

The auto-phone message went something like this: "Attention parents of students at Blah Blah School...do not be alarmed. A large black bear has been spotted near the high school. Authorities have been alerted, but we ask that no child be allowed to walk home today. Every effort to pick your child up at school should be made. Thank you."

Yeah! Good times. LOL

I asked Tyler about "the bear" when I picked him up...he stared at me blankly. I guess they didn't tell the students about the danger. Probably a good thing since the first thing out of Tyler's mouth when I explained the situation was, "A real bear?!?! Can we go see him??? Pleeeeeeease Mom!"

Oh boy.


We've gotten those calls too, quite freaky. Sarah would be right next to Ty checking out the bear.
Chris said…
Ha ha, now I get your comment that you left on my blog.

Trevor and Sydney kept watching the news day to day rooting for the bear to make it to our area.
freeepeace said…
Oh geeeez! LOL - probably kept it from the kids for good reason. :)
Anonymous said…
I was hoping for a bear picture on your blog:)

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