WeAss #219 Transportation

Weekend Assignment #219: What is your favorite form of transportation, and why? You can choose any means of traveling by land, sea or air, with just one catch: it has to currently exist in the real world, or have existed in the past. No TARDIS, no Star Trek transporter, no flying DeLoreans, all right?

Extra Credit: What's the most unusual form of transportation you've ever taken?

While I love the comfort and convenience of my mini-van, I confess I crave some very different modes of transport.

Firstly, I would LOVE to have one of these:

We rode these in Bermuda and I've wanted to get back on one ever since. I think it would be GREAT to tool around town on one. I'd get Tyler a nice helmet too. What a fun way to get to school in the morning. (Of course I have no clue what the laws are when it comes to passengers on these...but I would check, of course.)

Second choice would be a Segway. Currently I have an issue with the maximum allowed weight on these (which sucks) but maybe one day I can address that. Maybe that can be my incentive. Hey honey? If I get under the max allowed on a Segway, will you get me one? Or better yet, get me that cool Vespa?

Third choice would be one of these:

But seriously, I might be forced into one of those at the rate I'm going.
EDITED 6/8 1:49PM to add:
I forgot to do the extra credit part! Most unusual form of transport I've ever taken...hmm. There was the sky tram in the New Mexico mountains, cable cars in San Francisco, scooters in Bermuda...probably the most unusual was catching a ride on a C-130 (at least I think that's what it was called) military transport plane. Can't recall if it was to or from Okinawa where my Dad was stationed when I was a kid. I only remember that is was VERY LOUD.
And a note to Trish - that Vespa up above? It is FAST. It can do freeways with no problem. :-)


Scooters are fun and they save gas, but they can be a little dangerous, too. I lost half a front tooth when a little piece of gravel sent my Elite skittering out from under me in parking lot at midnight, and another scooter was totaled out from under me by a driver who didn't see me in the lane. Also, not so good on winter ice! Even so, I wish I could get one of the new scooters I've seen at recent RV shows at my former workplace!
freeepeace said…
Oh my, that last one looks trippy. I love your first two choices. What fun. I've been talking about scooting around town lately. But I imagine they weren't meant for freeways.
Florinda said…
I've always had a craving for a Vespa myself. And I like your illustrations, too :-)!
Mike said…
Neat choices. The Segway scares me a little. I would be the person that could fall off of it. Then, somehow, it would go free and run one of my kids over. But that is just me.
Chris said…
My favorite mode of transportation is a bicycle. Until I get a flat tire....like I did today:(
Anonymous said…
Lots of golf carts around the lake. I don't own one though but often thought it would be fun. Worked too long in the ER so scooters and motorcycles and such scare me. I suppose they would be fun on a quiet road somewhere.
I flew many times on that c-130 or whatever it was. As a matter of fact, when we got back to the states after our tour in Spain my kids wanted to know why they didn't have to wear earplugs on commercial airlines.
Anonymous said…
Given gas prices, I have been missing our old Geo Metro. One tank of gas could get me to Canada. Sigh.
Unhinged said…

MY most unusual mode of transportation? On the BOB unit during my Caribbean cruise. Waaay too slow for me, not to mention that it was underwater.

I think it'd be cool to have a Vespa, but not in L.A. Uh...no.
Anonymous said…
Scooters are great! ... or they can be, depending on where and how you use them. I used to have this great little Honda Spree. It didn't go fast enough to take on the highway (which meant there were some places I just couldn't go), and occasionally it had trouble with really steep hills - and once I took a spill on a patch of sand in the road. But for the most part, it was a GREAT way to get around. The gas tank held half a gallon! Even today, that'd be a $2 fill up.
Kiva said…
Segways, yea!!! I just rode one last year -- California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort has a early morning Segway tour of the park. What a blast! You need to set this as your goal. I've also learned that there is a Segway tour of St. Louis and one of Rome. I can't believe they allow Segway's in the piazzas.

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