Attn: Tooth Fairy

Tyler just came home from school with big news:


Gap Toothed Grin

*sniff* Bye bye, baby teeth. I guess I'll have to get used to Tyler's grin being even goofier for the next few years. ;-)


What a milestone!

How much does the Tooth Fairy bring in your neck of the woods?
Chris said…
The tooth fairy prices have gone up since we were kids....I guess it's the increase of mileage expense, liability insurance, and dental co-pays.
Laura said…
awwww, how cute he is!
daniel has a wiggly tooth too.
Anonymous said…
So sweet! What a great photo.
Anonymous said…
Cute photos.Looks even cuter with the missing tooth, if that is possible.
BosieLadie said…
Awww!!! He's so cute! Great pic!
Anonymous said…
Like you, I still believe in tooth fairy. Nice pic! Visit me also in my blog:
Ally said…
the smile is so cute! whimsical. i remember those days of the loose tooth. fun days.

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