No good very bad day...

Baby up at 6am. Sucks when you fell asleep at 4:30am. Husband took Ty to school and went back to bed until after 11am. I may hate him. Then he packed and left for a week in Las Vegas. I'm pretty sure I hate him. As he was leaving, he says, "I really don't want to go. I don't even know who the entertainment is at the last conference event...some band called Matchbox 20..."

It's official. I almost certainly hate him.

Then I made dinner alone. Kids dying from hunger, screaming, coloring on the windows, crayons spilled everywhere, Tyler insisting on making his own peanut butter sandwich (no, he won't eat what I cooked)...and the chicken came out half cooked and half raw. Why do they put HUGE chicken thighs in the same package with little tiny ones??? How hard is it to sort them by size?

It's way past their bed time. Peas and rice spilled into my sofa. Kids are wired and bouncing off the walls. Tyler lied about brushing his teeth. No hair left to pull out. John has 4 nights of a bed to himself in a city built for fun and loaded with great places to eat...yeah, it's a work function and he has to mingle and go to meetings. But I know those sales guys. Someone is going to suggest a strip club and it's all down hill from there.

Yeah. I hate him.

[If hubby reads this... Just kidding honey! I love you! Travel safe and bring me home a present, mkay?]


Chris said…
Too funny, I hate him too, just for morale support;)
Donna. W said…
Every kid ever born lies about brushing his teeth at some point. My kids would go the trouble of running water, putting toothpaste on the brush, etc. It would have been easier just to brush the teeth.

Geesh. Kids.
It IS hard to love him when he's got maid service and people serving him food while YOU'RE the maid and the cook and the waitress at your house.

But I know ya still love him.

I have a feeling I would feel right at home in your house.
IndigoSunMoon said…
Sounds to me like Mommy deserves her own little mini vacation of her own! Even if its just for one night in a nice motel...take in a movie...maybe go to dinner...hell, take a girlfriend along and have a ball!

Oh, and I was hating him a little bit until he mentioned Matchbox 20. I officially hate him now. LOL
Anonymous said…
I think I wrote this post about 20 years ago...? No wait, no computer back then. Lived it though:)
Unhinged said…
Poor Becky. (I like what Chris said, by the way. Good one.)

I'm sending some powah Zzzzz to all THREE of you.

Feel 'em yet?
Anonymous said…
Been there, felt that way. My husband traveled when our children were young too. Sometimes I would feel sorry for myself too.
t said…
As a single Mom of 5 I have backup wigs for when I pull all my hair out. Happy Summer! :) :)

Great post
t said…
PS If you need to vent, I love Great site for just letting loose a bit. :)

Let me know if you join the site so I can say hello. I'm Mommyto5 on there (and anyone else who joins on I'd love to hear from you. I write on there frequently and have found great other moms to talk to there!

Have a great day.
Oh what fun, NOT. I hope John brings you something neat from LV. We'll be heading out there in September for the trade show. I should start researching stuff to do now.
And how can they think we don't know about the teeth thing? We're psychic aren't we? At least that's what I tell Sarah.

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