Student of the Month

I got a letter from Tyler's school Principal today. For many parents, seeing an official school envelope like that might make them cringe. Not us! But I wasn't expecting THIS:

Letter from the Principal

And Tyler came home with a certificate and award ribbon.

Student of the Month - Smug

Ty has a very "aw shucks" attitude toward our gushing praise, he's very humble. I honestly don't think he realizes that he is student of the month for his entire school! Maybe I should explain that he beat out 8th graders for this. That will probably impress him. LOL I think it's nice that the school is having a special lunch for all this year's Students of the Month. Makes me wonder if they pick someone for June (and that kid is just screwed out of free lunch) or if they just skip June because it's the last month of the school year (and a short month too with school being out long before the month is over).


Congrats to your wonderful guy!

This is a great honor. I'm proud of him from afar.
Unhinged said…
This IS quite an honor. Wow.

You see, Becky? You must've done a lot more than just something right. You and John both.

I raise me bottle of Sparkletts to you all!
IndigoSunMoon said…
Thats so great! I know your so proud of him!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Tyler! What a great honor.
Happy Mothers Day Becky!
Astaryth said…
A big congrats to Tyler!! That is just too cool.
Shari said…
Congratulations Big Guy!!
I know how proud you are Becky :)
Anonymous said…
Congradulations to tyler and his parents. What an honor.
Happy Mothers day Becky.
Liz said…
Way to go, Tyler! Seems to me you've done everything right, you & John.

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Chris said…
Congrats to him! You are right, he does seem rather non-chalant about it:)
Anonymous said…
Congradulations to Tyler and to you and John. Way to go!
freeepeace said…
Awwwww ..... shucks.

What a guy! Congrats to you all.
Congrats to all of you!

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