Happy Birthday!

Tyler turns 7 today (at 11:03pm PST). Tyler requested Red Lobster for dinner (he ate 5 cheddar bay biscuits by himself), we sang to him while he blew out a candle on his cupcake, then I watched him open gifts from his grandma, birth-grandma, and his parents. He was over-joyed with everything and spent an hour on the playroom PC setting up one of his gifts (thanks Karen!) Then he and Max studied the box that contained the gift from John and I and they discussed which Pokemon they would cook up tomorrow after school. I love watching the boys commiserate. It's charming to observe and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I wish they got along that well all the time!

I am soooo far behind in my photo sharing. Hundreds of photos sit on my camera waiting to be offloaded to my PC. My monitor died and I had to wait for the new one to arrive. Then we went out of town for several days, I got sick... yadda yadda. I need a vacation. But Christmas is at our house this year, Tyler's big birthday party is this Sunday, the house is a wreck and I'm still sick. So yes. I am stressing a bit. I wish I had a disintegrator device of some kind so I could just make half the clutter in this house simply vanish without a trace.


Bridgett said…
Happy 7th Birthday to Tyler! Parker will be that same age in March. Our babies are growing up.

Feel better, love.

And btw, if you do find that disintegrator device...mail one my way. Kay? :)

Donna. W said…
I wish I lived near you so I could take those sweet boys for awhile.
Monica said…
Happy 7th Birthday to Tyler! SEVEN! They grow so fast.

I always loved watching my two boys playing together and being best buds. Of course they could fight each other - that was okay. However, NEVER let anyone else say something bad or try to fight one of them or you had BOTH. They are still that way today,

Sweetnessk71 said…
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!! Have a good week..

Sara said…
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Would you like to borrow my magic wand? It's really good at disintegrating clutter :o)

Liz said…
Happy belated birthday to Tyler! I can't believe he's 7 already!!!!

I'm sorry you're sick...I'll be in north Jersey on Saturday for a bridal shower...I should come over & baby sit those cuties!

I wish I could get 1 of those magic disintegrator thingies for Christmas...but then my whole house might disappear, it's such a cluttered mess right now.

What time should Skip & I be there for Christmas dinner? ;)

Hugz & smooches!
Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Smooches and hugs from your west coast buddies.
Chris said…
Happy Bday Tyler!

He might like this Red Lobster knock off:

Dawn said…
Happy belated birthday to Tyler.
Time flies when your having fun, doesn't it? Hope you feel better soon. Dawn
Sammie said…
Wow, Red Lobster huh? That sounds goo Tyler! Love those biscuits. Feel better Becky, no being sick for the holidays!
Shari said…
Happy Birthday Tyler!! Good choice for eats kiddo!

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