Where do these people COME from?!

I use SiteMeter.com to track my blog's statistics (how many visitors and junk like that). One feature they have that is kinda cool is the ability to see where visitors are coming from - know as a referral. My typical visitor is someone who has clicked a link to me from another blog (side bar or comment). I also receive a good deal of traffic from search engines. Periodically I get curious to see what kinds of searches have brought visitors to my blog. Here are the top 5:

1. topless water park pictures (or some variant thereof)
2. Almighty Isis (or some variant thereof, it's a kid's show from the 70s that I've posted about twice)
3. Stouffers Dinner Club
4. prom dress
5. A tie between "Shopaholic" and "Honda 600" (one being an entry I did years ago about my shopping addiction and the other being my first car)

Over all, not too bad. The first one is a tad disturbing. No, I don't have any photos of topless people in a water park. All I have is an old entry where I mentioned man boobs. In hindsight, I should probably have worded that entry more carefully. Then again, I should probably word THIS entry more carefully because since I've mentioned these search terms AGAIN, this will bring in even more pervs to my blog. But you know what? I'm all about disappointing the pervs. Sorry pervs. No photos for you!


Unhinged said…

QUITE a few of my referrals come from can you smell vodka on someone's breath and people wondering about Brad freaking Lenz. Every once in a while I'll get a hit for someone looking for feet, though.

I usually post the funniest searches in my top right sidebar.
jennifer said…
Oh for heaven's sake, Becky, keep the masses happy.

Go to water park.
Strip off top.
Have John take photo.

Those searches can be hysterical. I love sitemeter.
Donna. W said…
I think the commonest google search that takes people to my blog is something about bare feet. Oh, and I've mentioned poop before. Sometimes that brings in some strange googles.
Chris said…
If you really want to boost traffic, write a post with words like fetish, latex, breasts, and let's see...how about "free naked pics of miley ray cyrus".

It might not be traffic ya want...but it's traffic:)
IndigoSunMoon said…
You might not believe this, but I have a male cat who weighs about twenty pounds, and he has man boobs that drag the ground! LMAO!!
Oh honey, I needed this laugh today!
Anonymous said…
Good thing you don't get THEIR photo with sitemeter. That could be creepy.
freeepeace said…
haha "sorry pervs. no photos for you."

Hey, do you like sitemeter better than active meter? Just curious. I hardly check my stats but now that I read this, I might have to check. Perhaps I'll do a similar post.

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