Dragon Flys, Boys, and Making Babies

I had an interesting discussion with Tyler the other day. He was watching "Miss Spider" on Noggin with Max and said, "I love this show."

I asked him if it was because he had something in common with Miss Spiders' kids. He looked at me blankly. "Think about it Ty. She is a spider and her kids are spiders, bed bugs and dragonflies. Didn't you ever wonder about that?"

That triggered a lively discussion on adoption and the differences between being born into a family and being adopted into one.

Tyler wisely said to me, "You know what Mom? You are lucky your belly was broken. Getting a baby out of there really hurts!"

"How did you know that childbirth was really painful, Ty?! Did they talk about it at school?"

He shook his head at me and said, "Think about it. It takes a DOCTOR and a HOSPITAL to get a baby out of there. That HAS to hurt! Plus those holes down there are so SMALL!"

I burst out laughing and when I composed myself, I said, "You know what Ty? You are right. I am very lucky."


Indeed you are.

What a precious and priceless conversation.
Donna. W said…
You obviously aren't raising fools. The boy has it right!
Anonymous said…
:D What a smart, sweet kid!
IndigoSunMoon said…
That kid of yours is pretty smart! hahaha!
Anonymous said…
Wow, Tyler is a pretty smart young man and you are a pretty smart Mom.
freeepeace said…

wait. bed bugs?
Anonymous said…
Very smart boy! Priceless conversation:)

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