Post Vacation Thoughts

  • Eating sand and then sneezing will make sandy snot come out of your nose.

  • $25 in tokens at the arcade converts into 164 tickets which redeems for two small sacks of penny candy. Tyler's response to my comment on how much candy $25 would buy us at the supermarket? "Yeah, but Mom, the supermarket isn't FUN." Point taken.

  • Mango scented bubble bath poured generously into an oversized Jacuzzi (jets on) will create a scene very close to that one in the Brady Bunch with Bobby pouring too much laundry soap into the washing machine.

  • You can't tell a 21 month old that he is "too small" to go down the slides at the water park. He will prove you WRONG every time. What a dare devil Max is!

  • A good dad WILL go into the water park 7 times in a row just to make his boys happy. You are a trooper babe.

  • Never say, "Don't give him that! He won't eat it!" Because you know what? He will. (Note to self - Max likes asparagus, cottage cheese, creamed spinach, broccoli, and miso soup)

  • Remember to put sun screen on the back of your neck and shoulders, unless you think that whole "red neck" look is sexy on a woman.

  • Don't bring the wicked expensive digital camera to a water park because you damn well know you won't dare use it and now you have no photos from part of your vacation. *sigh*

  • Trying to shimmy your toddler into a cold clammy wet swimsuit will cause him to say several new words - "Yuck! Ick! Wet! and No!"

  • A bath towel makes a great blanky sub when Mommy forgets to pack the bedding for your pack n play...according to Max.

  • Sofa beds are like magic to a small child who has never seen Daddy turn the couch into a bed before. That same child will lift the sofa cushions repeatedly when you return home trying to find the magic bed.

  • Leaving your sweet fluffy kitty alone for several days will turn him into this:

Back to reality. But first, a vacation video:


I had no idea the fearsome abominable snowman was so CUTE!
Shari said…
OMGosh Becky Tyler is tooo cute! I love the bubbles. Gianna was watching and giggling away at him :)
Hope you have a fantastic vacation.
IndigoSunMoon said…
It never fails. Kids will surprise you every time! And that kitty does NOT look happy. lol
Unhinged said…
Bwahahaha! Great post. I chuckled many times. Kids sure make life interesting, don't they?

(Heh, heh, heh.)
Astaryth said…
Gotta love kids and vacations. Sounds like a good time was had by all... well, except kitty! Loved that picture. LOL!
Chris said…
ha ha, seems like we are caught in the economic downturn of the game token / reward ticket market :)
I'd only be brave enough to do bubbles like that at a hotel. No way I would ever clean those all up. :)

Looks like a lot of fun!
Anonymous said…
Okay so was that the tub in the hotel or your house?
Great summary of your vacation. I felt like I had been there, haha.
Liz said…
How could anything abominable be so dang cute? much of the bubbles did you pour in there anyway?!?! LOL

And I've sneezed sand out of my's not fun! ROFL

~~Aunt Nub~~

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