Binki Experiment - Day 2 (Thanks Lotus!)

One of my fav bloggers (who else could get all their readers to send photos of their boobs?) is currently in the process of weaning her boy off the binky. Since our boys are very close in age, I thought I would give it a shot. I'd much rather say bye bye to the bink NOW than have a repeat of the extreme pacifier addiction that Tyler had. (He refused to give it up until he turned 4 - then gave it up cold turkey that very day.) For several months now, we've already limited Max's paci use to nap and bedtime only (or when we were desperate on a long car trip.)

Day 1 - No bink given at naptime. You know what? He went to sleep without complaint! No bink at bedtime. He woke several times during the night, but didn't cry. Just rocked in his bed to sooth himself. Success!

Day 2 - Again, no binky at naptime. He fell asleep on the sofa and was carried to his bed, so no problem there. Bed time is now. He has been talking, rocking and calling for me for a half hour now. *sigh* Crossing fingers.

Update at 11PM - he fell asleep after a second sippy full of milk. This might not be the best time to take his comfort items away. Max has started to settle in to full blow separation anxiety. I hope it doesn't get as bad as it was with Tyler. I couldn't even leave the house without him breaking down into a hysterical mess. Poor kid.

The other issue I have in parallel with Lotus (see link) is our excessive need to control all writing implements and keep them away from little hands except under the strictest supervision. Yeah. It worked great when it was just baby Tyler in the house. There was only ONE instance where he got his mitts on a pen and drew on my dinning room table and chairs. Now? Tyler is much older and very careless with his things. Max finds crayons in the sofa, pens under the bookcase, markers on the floor near the whiteboard, and a multitude of other writing implements anywhere and everywhere. Ugh!

So I've been cleaning up Max's "art work" on a daily basis and it's driving me a bit batty. He loves to use markers on the dining room window. That's not so bad. The ink comes right off the glass easily. He'll also follow big brother's example and draw on the white board I mounted on the back-side of the breakfast bar in the kitchen (where the bar stools would normally be parked). Also easy to clean. BUT, then he write on the carpet and the furniture. Ugh. He has some major special radar. If there is a loose pen anywhere in his reach, he WILL find it and use it. LOL

Meanwhile, in Second Life, I am attending a Kiss tribute concert. Wow, this takes me back.


freeepeace said…
I never really understood why parents need to wean kids off their addictions. Maybe because I never had little ones. I sucked my fingers till at least 2nd grade. I became discreet about it as I got older because I knew it wasn't socially acceptable. I also had a favorite blanket through 4th grade -- till my grandmother threw the tattered, shredded ribbon away, rendering it useless. (it was all about the ribbon.)

When I read (about) the writing on the wall, I think honoring a binky addiction might be a smaller price to pay.

Isn't it true that we sublimate anyway? Take away one addiction and replace it with another? Like, all our lives?

I wonder if he'll want more milk at bedtime again, if he can't have his binky.

I'm just curious. And completely fascinated. Keep us posted.

How was the concert? Did you take pics?
Chris said…
pictures of you have any idea how hard it is to NOT click on that link;)
Anonymous said…
You know, I raised three and I don't think we ever had a "writing on the wall phase." I dealt with things like my son using his safety scissors to cut his baby sister's hair but my walls were un touched, haha. Or I am just too old to remember. I don't think we ever worked too hard at "weaning" off of one thing or seemes to take care of itself.
Liz said…
Hey Becky! I have to admit it here....speaking of comfort "addictions"...that I still sleep with a stuffed animial...& I'm not talking about Skip. LOL So I should be the last one to talk. I do remember a kid a babysat for a looooong time ago used his binky at night until he was in the 3rd grade when his parents finally decided that enough was enough.

Keep us posted!

~~Aunt Nub~~

PS How the heck was the Kiss concert & where's your concert t-shirt?!?!?!?!

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