Typical Morning Madness

Every morning when Tyler wakes up, it's like some internal talk switch gets instantly flipped to the ON position. He steps out of bed and comes down the hall, all with a non-stop running commentary on what ever thought was in his head when he first opened his eyes. In the pre-dawn hour I heard him exit his bedroom.

"Oh! The lights on! Mommy is up! Mommy? Mommy? Is that you? Why are you awake?"

Then he comes around the corner into the family room and starts talking about one of his ToonTown characters. I thought this would be a fine time to innocently fiddle with my camera and stealthily start a movie. (Note how he finally notices the camera might be ON about 3/4 of the way through this video.)

When Tyler watched this video playback, he was laughing so hard he cried. He thinks he is the funniest thing since Will Smith. Blah blah blah. Heh.


Donna said…
I've never seen a kid yet that didn't love to watch himself on video.
Chris said…
Stick some cloves in him and baste him with honey....you've got yourself a grade A 'ham' :)
Shari said…
haha! I love it:) What a little ham he is.
Anonymous said…
LOL he sure loves the camera doesn't he! Blah blah blah he already knows that he's a ham.

Anonymous said…
blah blah blah he sure has a lot to say, What do you think he'll think of this video in 10 yrs? blah blah blah. LOL good memories recorded thats for sure.
we've only seen you on TT once! hope to see you again soon....we took a little TT break but are back! :)
Anonymous said…
Tyler has a fan... my J wants to watch that again!

Blah blah blah - big grin :o)

Sara xxx

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