I've wanted to write something interesting to post, but I've been struggling for the last couple days. Feeling majorly depressed. I think it's a combo of after holidays let-down and that time of the month. Brutal combo really. My only bright spot today was watching Max dance to his favorite Christmas bag. What? You all didn't get gift bags that sing this year? LOL Max did. When he lifts the flap on the Santa bag his grandma gave him, you hear a snippet of The Jackson Five singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

It's too cute watching him lift the flap and dance around in a circle with that bag. It's one of those moments I've been trying to catch on video, but when ever he sees the camera come out, he stops doing the cute thing. I'm about ready to install video surveillance cameras all through the house and just video tape everything 24/7. Heh. Can you imagine? It would be a full time job just going through the feeds every day looking for those elusive gems to save.


My new camera better get here soon. I need something to cheer me up quick!


Chris said…
Hang in there Becky! You and I are both lucky to have all that we have!

Thinking about ya!
Donna said…
Kids and pets are the best cures for depression. I get the best laughs from my dog.
IndigoSunMoon said…
I think your right. I always get depressed this time of year. The past year was pretty bad, but I have faith that this year will be better. Couldn't be worse I dont think. Hm, maybe I shouldn't say that. lol
Love you!
Anonymous said…
Seems many of us have been fighting a bit of depression. Hopefully that camera gets to you soon so you can fun with it. I know my camera brings me a lot of joy.


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