New Camera

[insert trumpet fanfare here]

It has arrived! I managed to charge the battery, install it, install the memory card, attach the lens and turn the camera on with little difficulty. Then I was forced to read the manual. Good golly this camera is intimidating! So many buttons and switches and knobs...oh my. The first thing I struggled with was trying to get the LCD display to show something other than a status view or a menu. After reading the book, I found the subscript that said something like "The LCD cannot be used as a viewfinder." Oh crud. You mean I have to be like a real photographer and look through that little eye hole? Fine.

The next thing I noticed on the mode dial was the glaring absence of the little movie camera icon. What?! This wicked expensive camera can't make avi movies like my old Canon does??? Shoot! What was Canon thinking making this expensive digital SLR camera take nothing but photographs! Heh. OK. I guess I won't be giving up my little point-n-shoot camera any time soon. This new camera will force me to focus my attention on my PHOTOGRAPHY, and not my skills as a videographer. That's not a bad thing. LOL

As per tradition, the first photos I snapped were of John sitting in front of a computer or of the room around me. We'll call those test shots since I never share them with anyone; until today.

I thought it would be fun to go back through my archives and find the first photos I ever took with each of my digital cameras.

Casio somethingorother circa 1999 (Sheba near my desk)

Kodak DC4800 circa December 2000

Canon PowerShot S50 circa April 2003

HP PhotoSmart R967 circa October 2006 (I sold this one to my SIL and went back to the Canon)

And finally:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi circa January 2008. (Hey! Finish feeding me lunch first!)

OK, technically this photo of Max is the 5th picture I snapped. The first 4 got erased once I read the manual and saw I was supposed to FORMAT the memory card before I used it (oops). Oh well. They were just photos of John sitting on the sofa, using his laptop. LOL!

So looking back over these photos (which are all unretouched despite my urge to photoshop), I'd say the new Canon is the winner in photo quality. Max isn't too harshly lit by the flash and there aren't any weird reflections or odd colors. Cool!

Now I need to think of someplace fun to go with my new camera and bigass camera bag. I think now would be a good time to finally do that "My Hometown" post I've been talking about for years...I'll cruise around town and take photos of places and things of interest. That should be fun. It will be a stretch for me to try and make this quiet little town look interesting. :-)


Shari said…
Spiffy new camera! It looks to have taken a great pic of the little one :)
I think it needs to be tested at the beach, um Myrtle Beach, lol!!
Happy photographing.
Two Write Hands said…
Have fun with the new toy, but most of all share with us! :)
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Now to have some serious fun with the camera!

I know I was able to get a DVD manual for my camera it was easy to watch and learn how to use the camera. I learned all kinds of neat tricks that way.

Anonymous said…
Yaaay, you got your posh new camera at last :o) Your Max's face is full of character isn't it, cute little curly top! Enjoy your new toy Becky... looking forward to seeing lots of photies.
Sara x
Stuart said…
never understood the command to format the memory card. What does it do? I just bunged it in and it works.

Really curious.
Cassie said…
That is really nice.
Can't wait to see pics.
Slackermommy said…
I love Canons and that last photo!
Laura said…
whoo-hoo you are having some fun now!
Oh, wow. A SERIOUS camera! It is the one I saw in an Amazon ad, I'm pretty sure. Once you get the hang of it, I will accept no more excuses for you not doing the Round Robin...!
Love the camera! I'm jealous and drooling over the SLRs. Someday...someday! :) Enjoy taking pictures! :D
ahhhh very nice becky, moving up in the camera world. i hope you enjoy your new mainly using a 5d lately, also canoon. was thinking of selling my 20d for the new 21mp 1s. oh well, you just bought a new one! heehee. will have to wait. not that i'll get anything for the 20d, maybe pay toward shipping on a new camear, lol. enjoy the new camera. your most important accessory will be your lenses. remember that!

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