Slowest Move in History

I started blogging back in 2004 on AOL. When AOL plastered a big ugly ad banner on the top of all my journal pages, I moved to Blogger (along with a ton of other AOL bloggers.) I've been happy as a clam (pretty much) ever since. I set my old journal on AOL to private, but I had so many great entries over there...I couldn't just leave them.

So, I've been slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) moving the entries over to here. I have to copy and paste them, one by one, because Blogger doesn't support an import from AOL. It's a pain in the ass! But worth the effort. Tonight I finally moved February-April of 2005 over to here. There were some heavy duty entries in April of 05. I'm glad they are back online since I think a couple of my newer readers will probably be interested.

Regarding my previous entry, I'll post the answers to my little quiz in a day or two. I want to give my friend Karen a chance to see it (since I think she might be the only reader I have who might get them all right.) LOL!


Chris said…
But the nice thing about going from AOL to blogger is that you get to keep the original post date in blogger so they are in chronological order!
Liz said…
Hooray for you! What a job that must've been! :)

As for the quiz, the only 1 I knew was the Mork & Mindy 1. LOL

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
I had changed my old aol journal to private too. I had thought about going back to that journal but ...

Obviously it didn't happen. So, you have your old posts here?

Donna said…
I've never left the AOL journal, simply because that's where most of my readers are. Some folks read both, but not most of them. For instance, yesterday I posted a little video of my hyperactive mutt wanting to go for a walk. 155 people have watched it. Had I put it on the Blogger site, probably 40 would have watched. I have three kinds of readers: those who read both blogs (the content is different on each); those who read only the blogger blog (mostly more recent blogging friends); and those who read only the AOL journal.

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