Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Max Stands Up!

I was all set to post a video of Max from a couple days ago that shows how much progress he has made with his crawling. He's up on all fours most of the time now and only occasionally resorting to army crawl or rolling. But then look what he went and did today!!! He's only 7 months old! I'm sooooo not ready for this yet!

Heck, I just put the finishing touches on his room today. These cute wall-hangings that match his crib set were on back-order for ages. I didn't think I would ever get his room done. And now, we have to lower the mattress and 86 the bumper. :-( It's soooo cute. I hate to put it away already.

Somewhere I have "before" pics of what used to be our guest room. No clue where they went. Just imagine less furniture, different drapes and bedding and next to nothing on the walls.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sick Baby, Tired Mommy, and a Crazy Cat!

Eventful week here at the old Yanagi homestead. I'm plum tuckered out! Max has another Spring cold (or is it allergies? Maybe teething?) Poor kid is so stuffed up and sneezy right now. He was up half the night before I finally got my act together and dosed him with cold meds, nose drops, baby Vicks on his neck and chest, AND got the warm mist vaporizer cranking.

Meanwhile, Sparty the cat spent a few days convalescing at his vet. We made the difficult decision to have his front claws removed. I've never declawed a cat in my life! I've always had strong feelings against it...but Sparty is the devil! There are no heights or surfaces he won't try to climb. The plaster covered columns in our dining room are covered with massive scratches and gouges practically all the way up to the ceiling (15 feet up). The cat is part simian, I swear! He has tried to scale door frames, doors, screens, furniture, walls and all my good towels on every towel rack in the house. You would find it a challenge to locate any surface in this house that has NOT been damaged by Sparty in some way.

I bought this special cat litter the vet recommended for him to use for a couple weeks while his paws heal. It looks so weird! Like rabbit or guinea pig feed. It's called Yesterday's News and is apparently made from recycled paper. We'll see if the cats will use the box when it's filled with something so odd. I'd better get all the laundry baskets up off the floor, just in case.

Tyler made some new friends out in the yard this week too. We've gone outside a few times to play with his new set of giant sidewalk chalk. I've been transported back to my own childhood when I would spend most of the day outside trying to invent new scenarios for games of "Let's Pretend". Tyler announced that I am WAY more fun to play with outside than his Daddy is. Aww! That made my day, honestly. (Sorry Hun!)

So, I'll call this post done and leave you with a video of my wacky baby and looney tunes cat...and a couple photos of Tyler with his new friends.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

He's Ours!

We went to court today to finalize Max's adoption! The difference between our day in court in our own county with Tyler's and down in south Jersey for Max? It was like night and day! Where our own county court officials made us feel like criminals and like we were trying to put one over on the Judge or something; today's day in court was VERY different. The Judge was warm and friendly with nothing but good things to say about adoption and those who choose to adopt. His little speech before he began meeting individually with the 8 or so families in the court room waiting to finalize moved me to tears.

Max was good as gold today too. Nothing but smiles for everyone who even looked his way. The meeting with the judge took us well into Max's normal nap time and he only let out an impatient squeal once or twice. Max was fast asleep in his stroller before we even got out of the court room once our time with the judge was over. It was so very worth the 1.5 hour drive each way to end this process in the county where Max was born.

We ended the day with a visit to Chuck E Cheeses, mainly for Tyler's benefit. Ty had a hard time with all the waiting, but he did his best to behave and stay quiet. I'm pretty proud of my two boys.

Photos here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Max says hi (and so do I)! Actually, it sounds more like "hoo!" but he says it over and over if you say "hi" to him repeatedly. LOL! This kid is so funny! He will let out a loud squeal and then scan the room to see the reactions. He gets a very pleased look on his face if he makes us laugh and he will squeal again and again until Tyler is on the floor rolling with laughter.

The boys make each other laugh way more often than we are able to make them laugh. Tyler is the only one who has gotten a full on hysterical belly laugh out of Max, so far. I could watch the two of them all day when they are interacting with each other.

Other than being exhausted (with no motivation or ideas for posts), nothing much is going on. The highlight of this month will be the finalization of Max's adoption this week... For Mother's Day, what better gift could there be?


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Honey? Where is the BIG baby gate?

Max is right on the brink of being very seriously mobile. He gets around pretty well at the moment, but at a pace I can keep up with most of the time. But once he gets that serious "on-all-fours" momentum going, I'm gonna need my jogging shoes for sure! Now is the time to batten down the hatches. I need my big gate that blocks the entrance to my kitchen and office area. That thing kept Tyler from getting into serious trouble for his first couple years of life...I hope it works for Max too.

So far, Max has only made a bee-line for the cat food dishes once. My bad. I should have known he'd be drawn to the sound of kibble pouring into aluminum bowls...it makes that cool hail on a tin roof sound.

He is such a sweetie, but everything he touches goes into his mouth - much worse than Tyler - but Tyler lacked Max's good humor about teething. Tyler was miserable, snotty, drooly and mildly feverish. Max? He just wants to stick everything and anything in his mouth, but he does it with a grin. I can't complain about that!