New Monday Photo Shoot #2

Something Colorful:'s COLD and dreary and dead around here. Not much that qualifies as colorful (unless you count my vocabulary this morning when Max woke up at 2:30am and stayed awake until 5am). So I will dig through my vast collection. There are two photos that come instantly to mind that fit the bill for this week's shoot.

#1 Tyler at Stanhope Day
Tyler at Stanhope Day

#2 Prizes at the State Fair

That'll do. That'll do.


Anonymous said…
Bright and colourful... I want a pink monkey, or a Scooby Doo :o) I'm talking prizes at the state fair, I'm not just talking nonsense at you, in case you wondered!
Sara x
Definitely colorful! :)
Martha said…
Very bright, colorful and beautiful shots!
Martha ~

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