Sleepless Nights/Weird Toddler

Does this look like the face of an ill child?

I didn't think so! A messy eater, sure. But ill?

I should have known. Max is normally a good sleeper, but for the last two weeks he's been waking up, sitting up, and rocking back and forth in his bed (often with his back to the wall of the crib - bouncing off it with a loud bang bang bang). Sometimes he would lay back down and go to sleep, but then an hour or so later he would be back up and rocking again. For the last few days he would wake and rock for HOURS and not go back to sleep until 4am or later. I've been a sleep deprived wreck!

Luckily Max had a well-baby checkup scheduled with the doctor. Turns out he has an ear infection. Say wha??? Who knew? No fever. No cranky baby pulling on or poking fingers in his ear. But the mention of the sleep disturbance alerted his doctor. So yes, I slapped my hand hard against my forehead. Duh. I should know by now, this kid is so easy going, he will ignore pain and discomfort all day because he'd rather be happy and have fun. He is also (usually) a great sleeper.

And I thought this rocking thing was just a new phase he was going through. Oi. So Max gets that tasty bubblegum flavored antibiotic twice a day, for the next 10 days. Tasty. Heh. I don't think so. Man, that stuff stains! I hope this time he doesn't get any of the nasty side effects. Last time turned into a major poop-fest with the end result being a nasty, painful diaper rash.

But maybe he will finally start sleeping at night...again. Please! Amen.


Astaryth said…
Do not let the kids watch Bridge to Terabithia till after you have screened it. Then once you know the parts you can fast forward thru them ;p

Seriously, it had me in tears and I'm an adult AND movies usually don't bother me at all! Enjoy it yourself though.. it's a great flick.
Liz said…
Oy ~ those cheeks ~ i just want to pinch them!!!!

Haven't seen Bridge to Terebithia myself, so i can't say.

Here's to sweet dreams & a good night sleep tonight, m'darlin'!

~~Aunt Nub~~
Shari said…
(((Max))) I hope his ears are better and you can get the *yummy bubble gun stuff into him. It was like trying to give a cat a bath when I had to give Gianna her meds, lol.
Anonymous said…
That photo made me chuckle... what a cheeky face your Max has :o)
Hope he's feeling much better soon, and that you have plenty of restful nights in the very near future!
Sara x
Stusart said…
poor kid......................
Cassie said…
He can make the funniest faces!
What a cutie..hope he gets better soon.

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