Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be warned...sick and whiny

I try not to complain too much. I leave the complaining to the rest of my family. I seriously try to maintain an upbeat attitude, most days. If I have nothing good to say, I stay quiet. But today has just pushed my bitchy buttons. So here is a little background...

It took us like 9 hours to drive North and visit my parents last Friday with stop and go traffic on all major highways (normally the drive takes 4.5 or 5 hours tops.) There were a good number of rest stops in the first half of our drive, but I didn't need to go then. The last half, not so much. So I held it. I know, Jerry Seinfeld has always said that's a bad idea. I was hurting bad by the time we got to my parents house. Saturday morning (here is where things start to get icky, so you might want to skim) I woke to cloudy urine. It stayed cloudy all day and into Sunday. Luckily our drive home didn't take as long and I made sure to go when I needed to, mostly. But I felt like I needed to go...a lot. By Monday my urine was pink and it was getting painful to, er, empty things out.

Ruh roh. I knew what that meant. A urinary tract infection or infection in my bladder. Swell.

Memorial Day in the ER? No way, Jose. So I just suffered silently and waited until Tuesday to call the doctor. Did I call on Tuesday? No. The pain was getting steadily worse and my pee was still very pink. But John was in NY working and I had to pick up Tyler at school. Since my Doctor's office never seems to take people on time, and I'd have to bring Max with me, I decided to wait. Then, Tuesday night, just cause my body can't have one thing wrong at a time, I get my period. Swell. Now I am bleeding from two spots. What's next? Nose bleeds?

This morning I call the doctor's office. I tell the bulldog receptionist my problem and can the doctor please just call in a prescription for an antibiotic? I know it's a UTI, I say. I've had them before. I beg. I plead. Oh no no no, she can't pass that message on. I MUST see the doctor. Can I come now? No. John has his own medical thing scheduled and I need to be available to pick up both boys today. So I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. God forbid the doctor miss out on his office visit fee. The pain has been excruciating. I came close to just going to the ER tonight.

After taking 8 Advil in less than 8 hours, I decided I had to do something desperate. I found 3 pills from an old prescription I had for an infection last summer. I took one. I plan to take another at bedtime and another in the morning. I'll bring the bottle to the doctor and confess. I have a feeling it will mess up his urine test (like having my period won't do that anyway) but I was beyond caring. I took Aleve too, just to give my liver something new to work on. Over the counter pain meds have barely made a dent. But that one antibiotic helped. I am feeling better now! It still hurts like hell to pee, but I haven't had to go as often. Thank goodness!

So I will probably get yelled at tomorrow for doing all the wrong things. But I wouldn't have had to do it if the doctor's office would just have had a little SYMPATHY! I'd totally come in too, but just give me the damn antibiotics! I wouldn't ask for them if I didn't really NEED them. Honestly. It's not like I'm asking for narcotics. This is a med Walmart gives away for free! *sigh* Ah well. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Lost Relatives

There was some family drama way back in the late 1980s. In a nutshell, my parents didn't approve of my choices (schools/majors, the man I fell in love with, how much independence a 19 year old should have...) and they made life as difficult as possible. So I left home and moved in with my poor, sweet boyfriend who had never had any of these issues with his loving and supportive family. Ahem. Yeah. So my parents spent the next several months calling and leaving nasty messages on his answering machine.  After all the drama, he still married me. Can you believe it? I am still in awe of his capacity to forgive.

Well, during these months of turmoil, my Dad's Mother passed away. I didn't even know she was sick. Did they ever mention this fact on any of the daily answering machine rants? No. So I never got to see her in the hospital and missed her funeral. Yes, it was vindictive and mean. But that wasn't the worst of the fallout. Because of the drama, I lost contact with all family from my Dad's side. I didn't know my Uncle or Aunt's addresses and my parents refused to forward wedding invitations to them. So my cousins missed my wedding too. I saw them briefly after I mended fences with my parents (also briefly) and went with my Dad to help clean out my Grandma's house. But they were cold, distant, and angry with me. As were my aunts and uncle.

No one wanted to hear my side of the story. God only knows what my parents told them, at the time. They all hated me. I've told the story of that day in a previous post. So, fast forward a whole bunch of years...

I noticed on my brother's facebook page that he had friended my cousin Sharon. Wow! I wanted to send her a friend request immediately. Then I remembered... she might still be angry with me. So I sent her a note. I want to send a friend request to her sister Beth too, but same deal. So I am waiting to see what kind of response I get. Is 20+ years long enough for tempers to cool and people to forgive a mistaken impression? We shall see. I had great times with those girls when I was a kid. They are fond childhood memories. I'd like to get to know them and their families again. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Great Money Hunt

I am laughing quietly to myself and watching the boys. It's like a fever!

A couple days ago Max was helping his dad clean up/pick up and he found some money. The Daddy said he could keep it. I told him not to tell his brother about it, because 12 dollars is a tidy sum and big brother would be jealous. Did he keep the secret? No. I told Tyler that the next time he helps clean up, he can keep any money he finds too. He had a better idea. Both boys are now in a money-finding competition.

3D Glasses help in money hunting!
They are running from room to room, combing any crack and crevice looking for loose change or bills. I had to holler that the cash on the bookcase by the front door (for the pizza guys), the cash next to the telephone (the emergency fund) and the cash on the kitchen counter (where John empties his pockets and where we fund school lunches) are all off limits. These two are not above petty larceny in their cash quest, so that proclamation was met with groans of disappointment. Sorry boys.

So far, Max's total is up to $15.37. Tyler found $4.28 in change. Max seems to have a talent for finding money that folds and Ty for money that jingles. Tyler isn't too happy about it. He is trying to find enough cash to spend on some virtual game boosters. I can't really pick on him for wasting money on imaginary video game crap. I've done it myself in the past. I am still chuckling. I remember combing the sofa cushions in my youth hoping to scrounge enough change for the ice cream man. A kid has to make a living somehow.