Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Community Photo Challenge: BEGINNINGS

Karen (Mavarin) mentioned the new AOL Community Photo Challenge on her blog recently, so I thought I would participate. I dug through my archives and looked for a photo that said "beginnings" to me and found this one:

New Daddy Meets Max

With the sub-zero temps going on around here and the lack of my new camera, I don't feel too motivated to go out and shoot anything new. I'm sure my tune will change sometime between January 28th and February 12th (see previous post). LOL! I want to do the Round Robin challenge too, but it's too darn cold to cruise over to the open air train station right now. The challenge will be closed by the time I get my new camera anyway. I'll catch the next one. :-)


Anonymous said...

This s great photo. It certainly is a new beginning. Helen

gina said...

great beginning's photo. :)

Anonymous said...

excellent photo


Kelly said...

Great picture Becky : )

Anonymous said...

Aww... love that picture Becky :o)
Sara x

Cassie said...

This shows the good man inside of your husband. Such love and happiness on his face.
You are very blessed with him and those fine sons.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful new beginning it was! Perfect photo for the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Great choice... it's perfect!

Nancy said...

Lol...I did a baby shot too. They are pretty perfect for this challenge, huh?

Sweet photo.



Anonymous said...

Very good interpretation of the topic! Thanks for entering the challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a very touching photo, fits the theme to perfection.

The Lady Fink said...

I think I can finally post a coment,WOO-Hoo
I have tried to leave one here three times...
Very very precious pictures--tryly a new beginning