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Raising Teenagers

[blows dust off the keyboard]

Almost 2 and a half months since my last entry. The holiday rush really does throw me off my game. I've actually had the urge to write a bunch of times in the last month but something always seems to sidetrack me.

Tonight I was watching Young Sheldon and thinking about the experience of being a fish out of water. Growing up in a home where no one understands you or has anything in common with you. I felt that way a lot growing up. Disenfranchised. Moody. Isolated. Not a shred of similarity between me or any of my immediate family members (other than a love of books and music that my brother and I shared.)  My mother frequently called me a nonconformist. She was irritated, but I took that as a compliment.

I grew up assuming that most kids were like me. Angst ridden and eager to leave home and be free. As time has passed and I starting raising kids of my own and spent time with other parents on the same journey, I realized growing up a fish out of water

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