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Ice cream dreams...

A friend asked "What is your favorite ice cream flavor?" My go to, as a child, was chocolate. We used to go to Friendly's after church on Sundays and have a cone as a treat. I always got chocolate. Then one fine day, as we stood in line, I saw the man in front of us was handed a cone topped with purple ice cream. Purple!!! What magic was this?! I asked the lady behind the counter. Black raspberry. My mom was worried I wouldn't like it. But it was amazing.

From then on I had the impossible choice. 😂

Then, one day a child in front of us in line at Bedford Farms was handed a cone that had a rainbow of chunks peaking out of a cloud of white ice cream. Bubble gum! My little brother and I lost our minds! That became his favorite for many years. I loved it too, but frozen gum has challenges.

Then, on a family road trip vacation, we went in search of our weekly ice cream fix. I don't remember what state we were in (there were many family trips) but they didn't have …

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