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Rough day...

I was hoping for a good weekend, like the one I had for the disability expo, but it didn't work out. I spent 2.5 hours getting ready for a special event and made it there, but after just over an hour, my pain level became unbearable. I forced a smile and swiftly said polite goodbyes and my poor husband helped me back to our van. Managed to shed my party clothes, gulp down pain meds, and collapse in bed before the tears came. I'm still happy I tried. I feel horrible when my health issues keep me from being there for friends and family.

I went to Facebook to send a message to a friend to tell her how fabulous she looked today. I'm sad I didn't get the chance to do it in person, but she won't notice. Busy day for them. Big event, lots of guests. Then I got caught up on what other friends are up to today. Facebook is really a life line for me. I don't feel well enough to go out most of the time, so it's nice to keep in touch.

But, I've been noticing a trend…

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