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Morning thoughts...

Rough night last night. Up multiple times for various reasons. I think I am up for the day now. 8 AM on a Sunday is a bit early for my taste, but I figured I could come to my desk and maybe do a long overdue bit of writing.

*comes back 15 minutes later*

I guess not. Youngest son needed some nudging to get to church school on time. Found him fast asleep on the sofa. Then, as he got ready, he suddenly needed to add Instagram to his little iPod. Do I know his ID and password? Nope. He set that one up all on his own. Good luck with that one, son.

OK, where was I? Ah. Morning thoughts... I rolled around in bed for an hour this morning trying to get back to sleep, but my brain decided to power up. I found myself wondering about certain friends on FaceBook that I hadn't seen post anything for a while. Then I got worried. It's on my To Do list to go looking for them and check in today.  Then I moved on to contemplating the growling in my stomach. Yep. Hungry. Am I going to eat somethi…

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