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Feelings and Grief

“See, nobody believes in friendship. People talk about it, you see it on TV, people drop by or go to the doctor together…no one eats alone. But most people are alone. That’s the thing about friendship. It’s a lot rarer than love, because there is nothing in it for anybody.”  Steve Dallas (as played by Owen Wilson in Are You Here.)
I was watching a movie and that quote caught me completely off guard. The movie is about a very unconventional friendship and it threw me back through space and time to when I had a best friend in a very unconventional friendship. Like the character played by Zach Galifianakis, my best friend back when I was a teen had serious mental illness. When her mood was up, she was funny, inventive, weird, and super fun to be around. She was also fiercely loyal and would drop anything and be there if I needed her. I felt the same way. We might have been rather unhealthily codependent, but it worked for us. She was diagnosed as "manic depressive" and I suffer…

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