Passport Photos and Junk

I never did make it out of the house yesterday. Too gray and bitter cold for a proper photo safari. Since I was up at the crack of dawn today, actually got a shower, put on street clothes and have already been outside once this morning - I think TODAY is the day for a photo outing. But first, back to this morning.

John, Max and I took a little trip over to our local MotoPhoto to have passport photos taken. Ours are about to expire in a few weeks (has it been 15 years already??? wow) and Max has never had a passport before. They all turned out pretty good! Max looks a little puzzled because he is used to his Mommy working the camera...and who was this strange lady taking his picture and ooooh look at all the neat baby photos on the wall...and what's that big machine over there...and ooooh what's over there...oooooh! LOL Yes, the nice MotoPhoto lady had to shoot fast before Max's head spun off his neck from all the looking.

So, at long last, we can all board an airplane and leave the country! Yeah! I may have gone a little too heavy on my blush, but hey. What can I expect when I wear makeup about once every 6 years.

Tyler had his passport done last year or the year before when we thought we were going somewhere else (and never went - sorry Kim! Max arrived unexpectedly.) Why the sudden need for passports? John and his sales team did well last year and earned a trip to Aruba! I've never been to Aruba. Should be a nice change of pace.

Changing topics... I did manage to squeeze in another neat toy purchase out of my Christmas money (and nope, it's not even close to all spent. Still saving up for that big LCD TV for the playroom.) HSN was running a special deal on this gizmo so I thought, what the heck! I got it!

Since my new camera is just for photos, this itty-bitty digital video camera should fill in the gap nicely. It holds an hour of movies and is REALLY easy to use. Within 10 minutes out of the box, I'd taken two movies of Tyler and outputed them to the TV (with an included cable) for his amusement.
Now I just have to attach it to my computer and see how easy it is to get the movies OFF the camera. Maybe later. I need to put in a grocery order first. Mother Hubbard's cubbords are bare!


Anonymous said…
Passport pictures look good. Can't believe how big Max is getting. Love your new movie camera.
Anonymous said…
Yay for Aruba... passport photos look good. You look fine with your blush, chuckle, I rarely wear makeup these days so I get what happened there :o)
Sara xxx
Aruba? How wonderful.I hope you are going before winter ends! Pics look good. Camera looks nteresting! Margo
Anonymous said…
Oh Aruba how nice! What a sweet deal. That is one place that is on my list of desired places to visit in my lifetime. I hope you take LOTS of photographs and videos.

When do you go?

Donna H said…
Oh and one more thing about Aruba...I was a bit surprised to discover it is essentially a desert island. It isn't until you get to the hotels and resort areas where the tropical landscape is brought in to make you feel like you are somewhere...well, tropical. Haha! Still had fun tho. The sand is like white powder. At least your passport photos don't look like mug shots (mine so does!) Max looks adorable! At least you where smart enough to wear blush (which is probably why yours doesn't look like a mug shot:)

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