Super Bowl Smackdown!

We were all watching the Giants vs. Packers game Sunday night when Tyler proclaimed that watching football was "boring". No amount of explaining the finer points of the game and why watching football can be fun was going to change his mind. Unless Tyler has a football and is running for a touchdown himself, it's boring.

Then Monday afternoon we received an invitation to a Super Bowl Party from our friends N & D (well, really it said that their two kids are hosting the party...which tells us it will be child friendly. A good thing.) John announced that the Patriots suck, just to push my buttons, and a heated debate ensued with John claiming Tyler as a Giants fan and I snatching Max up to be on the side of the Patriots. It's only fair! Two vs. two!

I started shopping for a little Patriots jersey for Max. Isn't this adorable?!

The plan was to keep it a secret until Super Bowl Sunday until I ran into some trouble finding a reasonably priced jersey for ME. $60 was the cheapest one I could find. Sheesh!!! I mumbled, "Damn these jerseys are expensive..." under my breath and John heard me.

"You're not gonna buy PATRIOTS jerseys, are you? Just for the Super Bowl???"

Um, yes. That was the plan.

"NO! No way! Nuh uh! There will be NO PATRIOTS FANS IN THIS HOUSE! My son will NEVER wear a Patriots jersey. I won't allow it! I put my foot down!"

Yeah, yeah. Don't get your jock in a twist babe.



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