Tyler Cam

A view through Tyler's lens:

Can you identify everything he took photos of?


ceiling fan,
john holding a moo cow
mom taking pics of ty
sparty looking mysterious
sparty hanging out on in scratcher,
mom's bookshelf
duckies in the bathtub and
daddy holding max

:) Those are adorable, we just have to wait 8 days for Sarah to be able to join Ty in the picture taking madness, shhhhh don't tell her.
Astaryth said…
I am looking at these pics with TOTAL envy! The only present I had my heart set on getting my grandson for x-mas this year was one of these Fisher Price Digital Cameras... They are impossible to find. They are even back ordered online till Feb!! The people I talked to at the stores were surprised at how they had sold out so fast, and they said apparently Fisher Price was taken by total surprise also...

I guess I'll just have to make this an Easter present or an early Birthday {sigh}

Tell Tyler I love his pics and look forward to seeing more! I guess it'll be a couple of months before I get to see life from the perspective of -my- favorite 4 year old {bigger sigh} But I like seeing life thru his lense!
I agree with aria. I also can see he will be taking after his mother, doing lots of family photos! Margo

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