Feline Friday: Faces of Sparty

Steven hasn't posted today's Feline Friday post yet, and I am so very far behind on my blog reading that it's just too ironic that I'm posting this before he does. Ha! Just thought I'd share some recent shots of Spartacus. He's such a handsome fellow, but he has as many evil streaks as he does stripes.

I think, more than anything else, he's bored. I don't have the time to play with him much and I can't often convince Tyler to engage him because Ty is afraid of being scratched. I think Sparty would be better off as a mascot in a Frat house. He's a rough and tumble Man's cat.

Coming Soon: A collage of Tyler's photos.


Well, he photographs beautifully, no matter how evil he can be. Can't wait for Tyler's photos. Margo
BosieLadie said…
I remember when you found Sparty. He's grown in quite the handsome cat.
Anonymous said…
Sparty is really handsome! Maybe my Son and all his shipmates should recruit a cat like that. Mmm, I wonder how the navy would feel about a sailor cat? How would the cat feel being stuck in the middle of the ocean especially when the ship starts rocking? Maybe a bad idea, huh? He's beautiful that's for sure. And don't ALL cats have many evil streaks in them? We have a black guy who is adorable but oh can he cause problems!

He is very handsome, but he does look like he is plotting something. Himself left a half eaten mouse under the table for my Christmas present.

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