The Return of Mr. Moose

A special Christmas video for all my bloggy pals:


jennifer said…
I swear I haven't smiled this much in weeks. That was adorable. Thanks.

Merry Christmas Becky, John, Ty and Max. And Moose.
Sara said…
Well that was just the cutest thing EVER!!! Thank you :o) And Merry Christmas to you and John, and tyler and Max :o)
Sara xxx
Heehee, Maybe he'll grow up to be a Canadian Mountie and be best friends with a moose?

Happy Christmas guys, very cute video.
BosieLadie said…
Max is too cute! And that smile of his, wow! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Astaryth said…
Your kids are absolutely adorable! So should I wish you a merry Chrismoose?? LOL!

I agree with you about the memory problem... that's why I originally had -them- choose and install what I assumed would be the correct memory stick! I didn't want to pick out the wrong one. They are actually thinking now that it is a glitch in the CPU that could get worse and involve other things. I'm just glad it all happened -before- my extended warranty ran out!
Kids are so different, aren't they? Max has a great smile.
I am sure you will have a joyful,noisy and wonderful Christmas! Margo
Anonymous said…
Just stopping by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I'll be looking forward to reading your journal entries in 2007.

Anonymous said…
This was a wonderful Christmas gift to all of us. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.
Anonymous said…
i'm with tyler, that thing would have terrified me too...those teeth? that annoying song over and over? oh it would have been thrown out the window of a moving car long long ago! LOL Max is one easy going baby, his reaction was so adorable...loved the end credits..."mystery voice" LMAO. too funny. netti

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