Happy New Year!

We're back from a jaunt up north to visit my parents and celebrate Christmas AGAIN! The drive up was a nightmare of traffic delays and fussy children...a trip that normally takes 5 hours took over 7. The boys had a grand time with their grands and auntie and uncle and soon forgot about the hours trapped in the car. The trip home again was MUCH better. The non-stop excitement and activity of our 4 day visit made the boys nearly catatonic for the drive home. Amazing how fast the time goes when everyone sleeps (except the driver, naturally) all the way home.

Of course I took more photos.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year! We had sushi...oh damn! I forgot about my bottle of champagne! Well...it's bedtime. Perhaps I'll toast the new year tomorrow instead.


Anonymous said…
I wish you a wonderful New Year! I'm pretty sure the champagne will be just as good today as it would've been last night! Celebrate and enjoy!

DEREK said…
Happy New Year, Hope this year brings you much happiness!

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