Christmas Day

Photos from this big gift extravaganza are here. Now I'm going to start dinner. We're having lobster bisque, burgundy beef with twice stuffed baked potatoes and maple glazed carrots. Raspberry mousse for dessert. What are YOU eating today?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Barbara said…
Looks like you guys had a good Christmas and dinner sounds yummy.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great Christmas at your house. Dinner sounds really yummy! My SIL cooked a feast that included some prime rib, baked ham, and turkey among so much more. She tries to feed an army I think!

What a great Christmas! I love the matching PJ's-and what were you wearing-no don't tell me, I want to picture you in the same ones. :)
Sorry, I couldn't help it!

Luckily Myla napped while Meg, Adam and I openend most of the presents. She woke happy and sassy, smiling and babbling until Meg told me to open one of her gifts. I ripped the paper and she burst into wails, clinging to Meg, tears creeping down her face!

I hate to admit it: her loving mother and grandmother burst into laughter, and giggled on an d off for the next 10 minutes. The rest of the gifts were opened last night after she was sound asleep!
Sara said…
Great pics Becky :o)
Hope you all had a fabby Christmas! Dinner sounds yummy, you're making my tummy all rumbly ;o)
Sara x
Anonymous said…
hey, i'm coming over your house next time for dinner! we had ham. it was good, but no beef burgundy good! will go check out the pix now. netti
Anonymous said…
just had to stop back to say...OMG!! loved the matching PJ's!! too cute...did you have a set too mommy?! my husband refused. so just me and the little one had matching pjs... :) netti
Chris said…
What a great menu! We ate tons of good stuff too!

Happy New Years!!

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Unhinged said…
I looked at the Mr. Moose video (laughed, went awww) and saw all of the holiday photos. (Um, where were YOU, my dear?)

Now I'm hungry. On Christmas I ate tamales and popcorn. No, really. And it was good!

So anyway, I'll be riiiight over for my share of the twice baked taters. I just luv 'em.
Happy New Year! We are eating pizza tonight:):):)


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