He's Coming!!!

Tyler is on the lookout...

While outside today putting up some lights, we heard sirens in the distance. John suspected (correctly) that Santa was taking his annual inspection tour of our town. Every year he comes riding through on a fire truck to do a last minute check of who is being naughty or nice. The nice kids get a candy cane.

More photos from our day are here.


Pickle Jenn said…
Oh city does that too... according to the montly newsletter, we should be seeing him tomorrow night :)

I can't wait for the kids to see him... Zachary is just IN LOVE with firetrucks ;)
Anonymous said…
What fun! I don't know if they do anything like that around here. Tyler looks so cute looking out.

jennifer said…
Awww man. I want Santa to do that in my town. I've been good.

So...did Tyler pass inspection? :o)
Carly said…
Oh to be that age again... the anticipation was nearly unbearable! But how much fun was that? Tee Hee.
Very cute!!
Sarah said, 'I thought that was Santa on the firetruck, he always does that"

What fun to see Tyler's excitement! Our town does it, too. The first year Meg was a member of our Volunteer Fire Department and rode on the truck, I was as excited as Tyler! Margo
Sara said…
Love that happy excited Tyler face :o) Bless him, and a HO HO HO for Santa!!
Sara x
Anonymous said…
santa comes to our neighborhood too on the fire truck! the kids LOVE it. he came last saturday and annalise got her candy canes and stood there in her pj's waving until he rode by....love that the fire co does this every year, tell tyler he visited us too! netti

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