*sniffle* Sorry about that. Amazing how much dust builds up on this blog when I'm not here to update it for a week.

I should be asleep right now, but my mind is racing and I can't relax enough. I thought, perhaps if I write a nice blog entry I can wind down. We'll see if it works.

Tomorrow we set off on our annual Tyler's Birthday Trip to his favorite place on the planet. Does anyone remember where that is? I'll leave it a surprise then. You can wait for pictures, can't you? I do plan to take lots of pictures. This will be the perfect opportunity to capture that perfect shot for our holiday greeting card. Wish me luck! I'm on a quest!

Hopefully I can kill many birds with my proverbial stone and get in a visit with Santa too. He should be putting in an appearance where we're going. I'm taking bets on whether Tyler will approach him without fear and/or tears this year. Any takers? He is 3 and 1 so far (3 years of panic/tears and only one year of blissful ignorant joy when he was a year old).

This will also be the first time we've taken a lengthy car trip (longer than 30 minutes each way) with baby Max. A good test to see how he might fare when we finally drive up to see my parents. (5 hours in a car with 2 kids...yikes.) I'm used to sitting in the back seat with Tyler to keep him entertained. No room for me now with 2 car seats back there.

I'm so glad we got that mini-van. People laughed when we first bought it. Tyler was still an infant and it seemed like so much VEHICLE. Maybe a little overkill, but hey, that baby had a ton of gear to haul around! Now all the gear has been passed on to Max. Yay me for not giving in to the temptations of Ebay.

OK, have I gotten all the random gibble-gabble out of my head? Um... Oh! Ever read a book and find yourself wishing that the story would never end? Then, when it does, you realize the ending really left you hanging and you wish for a sequel? Then you find out the author is dead and never wrote any sequel? Yeah. It sucks.

Anything else? Oh yes! I found myself thinking about friends today. More specifically the friends I keep and the ones I choose to let drift out of my life. I've realized I'm really attracted to women who are very intelligent, talented and creative. I have friends who are writers and artists, friends who are talented with puzzles and games, friends who are great with a camera; and all of them are very interesting to talk to.

Then there is one friend who has drifted to the fringes of my life. I've been thinking about her a lot lately. She's called me a couple times and sent me a few emails, but I've responded only half-heartedly. I've known her for many years and while I've been there for her during almost every major crisis she's ever had, she's never really been there for me when I've needed her. Because of the choices she's made in her life, she no longer fits in well with mine.

It's been a long time since those grade school days where friendships were made and then broken with a cry of, "You're not my friend any more!" I'm not 9 years old and this friend didn't steal my favorite Barbie. I know how adults in a romantic relationship do a break-up. How do you end things with a friend? The "just don't call her back and she'll get the hint" thing doesn't seem to be working too well.

I'm also fighting against my own desire to be liked and have lots of friends. I don't have lots of friends and it's not easy to find new ones. Just when I think I've found someone I have a real connection with, they pull that "just don't call/email her back and she'll get the hint" thing on ME. Or maybe I'm just being too sensitive and they are just too busy with life right now to think about cultivating their friendship with me.

OK. Is that all the blather I can muster? No. One last thought. Max is finally starting to sleep for longer stretches. The only problem? He does it during the DAY when I also have to look after Tyler. So much for sleeping when the baby sleeps.

Now I should go to bed. I really really should.

No more Dr. Pepper for me!

I wonder if I recorded ER this week...

Knock, knock!

[Who's there?]


[Ach who?]

Oh dear. My dusty blog has gotten to you too, eh?


Kim said…
Here's something I learned.. When it comes to friends, it's all about QUALITY, not QUANTITY.
Anonymous said…
I don't even know where to start! First and most important, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!!! :-)

As for friends, I don't have many, I have a lot of social contacts that keep a smile on my face but, for real friends, those are few and very special. I noticed my son is that way also.

Dr Pepper - my drink to WAKE me up, not a good late night drink!

Good to see you dust off the blog and write again.

Well, I consider you a friend even thought we have no phone contact! (Not a bad thing , knowing how much we both love the phone). I cannot believe Tyler's birthday is here again-I hope you have a great time, especially Tyler and John on the water slide! Margo
Happy Birthday Tyler!! Sarah sends her kisses and hugs. We went hottubbing in honor of your visit. Hope you guys have a great time!
Anonymous said…
happy birthday max!!

so true what you say about the do you break it off as an adult...have so been there....the ignoring route doesn't really work because you could be confronted on it....the putting it out there doesn't work because you are met with defensive retaliation.....personally, from experience, the blow off route works best and don't answer the phone to deal with the confrontation! LOL as far as having the same pulled on you with your other friendship....i'm still with the blow off route....why question when you're being blown off?! send a xmas card.....see if they respond, if not...there you go...not a friend anyway, time to move on. no sweat my pet, not personal, sometimes we get to involved with other things.....and you know how it goes....your true friends are there all along, and you have a wonderful hubby and kiddies. :) netti
Chris said…
Interesting thoughts on friendships. Hope you are having fun at DisneyWorld (that's my official guess).

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BosieLadie said…
Friends, you just need to follow your heart. A true friend will be there for you as you are for them.

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