The Lodge

Margo guessed it! We made our annual trip to Great Wolf Lodge for Tyler's birthday this weekend. Max and I steered clear of the water park (so no photos of Ty on the water slides this time) but we had loads of fun trying out the huge jetted bathtub in our room and cruising around the gorgeously decorated resort. I forgot how much fun it was to push a baby stroller and have oodles of total strangers come up and compliment your baby. Max was very popular!

Like last year, Great Wolf went over the top with their holiday decorations. It's a winter wonderland dripping with icicles, illuminated snowflakes and mounds of artificial snow. Max was in awe! His head was whipping from side to side and he had a huge grin on his face. He REALLY loved being in the arcade with his big brother. He was mesmerized by the lights and sounds.

Sadly, we were having too much fun and missed Santa. I'll have to think of somewhere else to take the boys for their visit. Happily, I did manage to get a great photo for our Christmas card. Keep a watch on your mailboxes. ;-)

Birthday Present #1
Tyler opens the first of his birthday presents while we wait near the lobby for Daddy to finish checking in.

The Mini Lodge
Having fun in the lobby inside the mini lodge.

Christmas Card Reject
Christmas Card reject. Max looked too schlumpy.

Tree Beds are fun to climb too
Getting acquainted with our room. Max loved the fireplace.

On the way to the main arcade, Tyler pauses to try and win a funky looking squishy ball. He didn't have much success, so we bought an even bigger one for him in the lobby gift shop. When Ty asked for my help, I did manage to scoop up a couple of big stuffed animals, much to Max's delight.


Pickle Jenn said…
Looks like a blast!!
awwwww, must have been a blast and the kids are so darn adorable. Hug each other!

Anonymous said…
Now that looks like my kind of place! Now you got me wanting to go. :-)

Happy Birthday again Tyler!

BosieLadie said…
I just love the photo of both the boys together... so darn cute! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Ty!
Nancy said…
OMG...doesn't get much cuter than that!

Anonymous said…
Happy ( late) birthday to Tyler. Looks like a great time.
the boys are adorable as always : )
Sara said…
Belated Happy Birthday to Tyler!!!
Bless, he's really growing now isn't he, I can't believe he is five years old now!!! Loved the pics :o)
Sara x
I don't wonder that Tyler loves the place-maybe I'll have my nnext birthday at Wolf Lodge! He looks as if he iis having soooooo much fun. Sounds as if the rest of the family did too I'm glad. Margo
Anonymous said…
love it!!! wait a minute, water park? is this indoors or something? you have a linky to send me? love the pix! glad you had fun. happy b-day Tyler! netti

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