WeAss #206 - It's my birthday too, yeah!

Weekend Assignment #206: Happy Birthday!

Karen's birthday is coming up on Monday. In the grand tradition of the Beatles and her mom, She magnanimously declares this to be YOUR birthday, too. So, what would you like for your birthday? (And no, we won't actually be buying it for you. Sorry!)

Extra Credit: Do you ever tell anyone what present(s) you want in real life?

Actually, my birthday IS coming up soon; March 15th (oooo beware the Ides of March!) So, what do I want for my birthday. Hmm...

A Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM telephoto lens! No, I don't really know what all that stuff means...except that it's a middle of the road telephoto lens that will really let me zoom in close on stuff. Yes, there are better quality lenses that auto-focus faster and junk, but I won't know any better; being a beginner and all. Plus it's on SALE! (I think I'll email this link to my Dad as a big ole hint.)

There is also a Tiffen lens filter set I have my eye on.

Hmm. I might change my mind about that Canon lens. I found another one that is designed just for digital SLR cameras with the same focal length AND it's a combo lens that has a switch to go to Macro. Yeah. And it's only $50 more. I should probably go that way. So I change my mind! I want:

Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

Yeah. That's the ticket. Now, all the folks who read my blog who are inclined to actually BUY this for me, hold up a sec. My mom already said she was sending me some money. I have one Amazon gift certificate left to spend too. So hopefully it won't take too much more cash to reach my spending goal...just send money. M'kay? ;-)

With the promise of nice weather on the horizon, I just might finally get my wish of taking a nice camera to the Delaware Water Gap national recreation area. I've been wanting to go on a photo safari there for YEARS. Ooo or High Point State Park! Yeah. There too. Maybe I should add a pair of hiking boots to my birthday wish list, eh? Probably a good idea.

As for the extra credit portion of this assignment, yes. Yes I do. I find that TELLING people what you want for your birthday is often the best way to actually GET what you want for your birthday. Makes sense, no? ;-)


Sounds like a great choice, if you can get sufficient money flowing in that direction. 22 years ago, my only birthday present was a Chinon SLR, so far be it from me to pooh-pooh your lens as a prospective gift!
Chris said…
You just reinforced why I do NOT need to buy an SLR.....all of the toys I'll want to get with it!
Kiva said…
That is a great choice because you can use it often and for many years. My husband has the Sigma lens. It takes gorgeous photos. I started out with the Canon 75-300 and it has great quality, plus image stabilization which now I can't do without.
Florinda said…
Happy birthday - hope you got one of those lenses (or the means to get it for yourself)!
Anonymous said…
I have that Sigma lens, but I don't use it anymore and I recently sold my Canon 100-400 4.0 L zoom/telephoto, for only $300 less than I paid for it (and I had it 4 years!!) but didn't use it much either, plus it was so heavy. the Sigma not so much, but I don't use it much regardless, and I won't get much if I sell that one, not like the Canon lenses, especially the L lenses, which is what I mainly use now for work. looking forward to seeing some of the photos with the new lens. :) Netti
Anonymous said…
PS Happy (belated) birthday!!! Netti

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