RRPC: "A Nice Place to Sit"

I haven't been able to participate in the Round Robin in quite a while, for various reasons. But I didn't want to let another one go by without at least making an attempt.

There was one photo that jumped instantly to mind when I read the topic for this week...

That is Tyler at age 2, sitting on the front porch of the beautiful beach house we rented on The Outer Banks...the first and last time we rented one. I hope we can do it again some day. There was a pair of these rocking chairs and it was so nice (and really comfortable) to sit in the late afternoon, rock, and admire the weather and neighborhood.

Then there is my personal favorite place in the house to sit (other than at my desk):

That wing chair belonged to Grandma. It's right by the front bay window (where we put our Christmas tree every year) and by part of my book collection. You can just see the edge of the fireplace too (to the right of that pillar candle). It's a really nice spot to sit and read in the winter time, with a nice fire going and snow falling outside the window. The boys like to sit on my giant pink velvet floor cushions in front of the fire.

Finally, there are the chairs I've been meaning to blog about since Max's birthday:

These two vintage maple chairs were a gift from my MIL to the boys. Back in the day (1940s-1980s) John's grandfather was a toy salesman. These chairs were part of his inventory at one time. A friend of my MIL restored them after 30+ years of neglect in my MIL's basement. She picked the neat vintage jungle print fabric and made it into cushions. Both chairs used to be rockers, but the rocker rails were badly rotted on the one chair, so she just cut them off. It makes the chair the perfect height for Max to enjoy. Not pictured here is a "love seat" style bench the boys got for Christmas.

I remember having a really nice maple table and chairs when I was a little girl (with endless tea parties) - but kids' furniture like this is really hard to find these days. The boys tell me they love their chairs and they made an excellent addition to our new playroom.

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Carly said…
Hi Becky :)

Your boys are just too cute! :) But goodness they are getting big! I love the wing chair, and with the Christmas tree it looks like the best seat in the house for the holidays. I am so pleased you joined us, I have missed you a lot. Hope you will join us more often. :)

Always, Carly
Teena said…
I love rocking chairs!

Mine's up too!
Suzanne R said…
Such neat chairs, and good-looking boys in them! The history of the chairs is very interesting, too. Great entry!
Hopped over from Ree's site. Love your blog!

Will be back!

Wise Old Dog said…
That rocking chair looks like a good place to spend some time. Those vintage chairs are incredible and you're right you can't find those anymore.
Those are great pictures. It looks like your boys know how to pick a good sitting spot. I like rockers myself and those old ones are really nice.
Everyone's got better places to sit than me! Love the jungle print on the boys' chairs. I had a child size rocker when I was little. One end of the curved part broke off on one side, and after that I laid it on its back and used it as a Mercury/Gemini spacecraft.
Anonymous said…
I want to sit in your chair with the book and the fire and the snow... I shall sulk until I get to :o)

I love the boys' new chairs too, but wouldn't fit in either of them!

Sara xxx
Gattina said…
Nice seats ! but you are right not many people buy kid furniture, because it becomes too small too quick and if you don't have a bunch of kids it's not worthwhile.
Celeste said…
I love the boys rocking chairs. I think I had something like that as a child -- a hand me down from my grandparents. I wonder what happened to that chair.
Nancy said…
Nice places to sit...and adorable ones sitting ON them!


MyMaracas said…
My, but these photos take me back. We had rockers like that first one on our porch back home, and I had a little rocker like that when I was small too. The kids are adorable and seem to be enjoying their nice places to sit.
lisa marie said…
Those do look like great places to sit and I love the beach house idea. You should do it again. :) I've always wanted to sit in a beach house in Maine for a week or two. :)
Kiva said…
Chairs with family history are the best. The friend that refinished those chairs did a wonderful job. Your boys are adorable and, hopefully, the chairs will last so they can hand them down to their kids.
Sandra said…
Lovely lil chairs, rockers are so relaxing for all ages. I think I would be w/the velvet pillows in front of the fire place.
Martha said…
How cute, great shots :-)
Happy Birthday a little early!

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