Did you hear that...?

I heard the distinctive pitter-pat of bunny feet running through my house. Looks like the Easter Bunny has paid us a visit.

We'll see what time Tyler wakes up in the morning for Easter Egg Hunt 2008 - Part Deux. This time the rabbit hid a couple of baskets full of goodies, some gifts AND eggs around the house. We'll see how long it takes him to find all 11 eggs, the baskets (his and Max's) and the gifts. Can he do it this year without any hints? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I'll be getting ready for another Easter miracle. My first face to face meeting with my birth mother, Liz. Now I'm wishing I had time to color my hair and get a trim. How weird is that?


Lori said…
How exciting to meet your birthmom!

I hope you two have a wonderful reunion.

Happy Easter to your family.
Donna said…
Oh, I'll bet you are a nervous wreck. What an Easter this will be for you!
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter to you all Becky... I hope that your meeting goes really well m'dear... thinking of you!
Sara xxx
Liz said…
{{{Becky}}} What exciting news!! Hoping your meeting goes well...I'm sure it will. Can't wait to hear about the details!

Happy Easter!

~~Aunt Nub~~
2writehands said…
I'm excited and nervous for you at the same time! Happy Easter!!
Anonymous said…
I hope you your reunion with your birthmom turns out well.JThis will be a memorial Easter for sure.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
I will be sending energy for a joyful meeting wih your birth mother. Hope the reunion was wonderful. Happy Easter to all. Margo
Anonymous said…
Good luck, I know how nervous and excited you must feel.
Can't wait to hear about it.

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