Tyler in the City

The boys are home.


ryanagi's Tyler in NYC photosetryanagi's Tyler in NYC photoset

Here is Tyler's commentary on this weekend:


Astaryth said…
I couldn't get the youtube vid to play, but the pictures were great. Looks like the boys had a really good time on their trip to the city!
Donna said…
He's so SMART and ANIMATED! (And a bit of a ham.) Gotta love that kid. You are blessed.
Donna H said…
Glad they made it home safely and had a great time. "Tyler in the City"...sounds like a tv show.
Two Write Hands said…
Uh! [insert unbecoming whine here] I wanna got to NYC and get three bags of M&Ms! :) Sounds like he had a great time.
Lori said…
Tyler is pretty good at that M&M cube.

So cute!
Liz said…
Looks like they had a great time! Now I gotta go get me 3 bags of chocolate! LOL

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
I would love to go see that!!!
How great it looks..
I loved the video.
Looks like your hubby had a good time too.
terri said…
This video was wonderful. He was so animated. He makes me want to see the bubble show! I love reading your blog my the way!
Anonymous said…
are you concerned about the speech impedement? nyc rox

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