Flashback Frenzy

I was a child of the 70s, but many of my all time favorite cartoons came from much earlier. Anyone remember these?

Johnny Quest might be my all time number one fav. I'll still stop and watch it if I see it come on TV.

This one came on back to back with Johnny Q. Loved it!

My first TV crush was Mark, the leader of G-Force. *sigh* So cute. I couldn't help but notice the resemblance between him and another all time fav:

I'm excited they are making a live action movie out of Speed Racer.

Then there was all the super hero cartoons...Spiderman (there was a live action series for Spiderman that I loved too), Spiderman and Friends, The Superfriends, Spider-Woman, Underdog...

Then late on Saturday morning came my live action favs:

For years I thought is was "Almighty Isis". Ah the memory of a kid. Of course, it's "Oh Mighty Isis!"

Shazam! I remember hiding in my room and shouting this secret phrase in the hopes that I would be somehow transformed.

I used to spin like her, too:

Then there was this one:

The 70s was chuck full of super hero goodness. Oh how I wanted super powers. And yes, I realize there a TONS of other cartoons I'm leaving out from the 60s and 70s. I watched a LOT of TV. We could be here for a year if I put clips of ALL of my favorite shows. LOL!


Chris said…
Johnny Quest was the best! Quick Hadji, call Race Bannon. And for the love of God, quit that barking, Bandit!

My favorite episode was the one with the walking spider machines!
Lori said…
Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! They certainly didn't look so cheesy when I was a kid. Maybe our cheese sensors come with later adolescence.
Donna H said…
I remember Underdog but being somewhat older than you I was too cool to be watching some of the others. Batman and Robin and Mighty Mouse maybe:)
Donna H

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