Easter Egg Hunt 2008

We actually had a nice day last Saturday for the hunt - sunny and in the 50s. Unfortunately, both Max and I were still sick; but we couldn't miss it!

They line the kids up by age, call them up - line by line - to meet the Easter Bunny, and then send them off to designated fields to hunt for eggs. The timing worked out just right. John had time to go with Max to the baby hunt, film the action, and run to the back of the school where the kindergartners were about to start their hunt.

I took a few photos between coughing fits - click here.

Hunt video:

I'm not sure what was going on with Tyler that day. He just did NOT want his picture taken (especially with Max). He was being extremely difficult and even took a slap swing at John who was trying to sit Max down next to Ty (but he ended up hitting Max instead). Not the prettiest family scene and not the best way to finish off a fun afternoon.

Ty has been rather annoyed with Max of late. Max is a handful and he loves to touch and play with Tyler's things. The trouble is, Tyler is a bit careless with his toys, drinks, snacks, etc. He leaves things lying around and, naturally, Max will make a beeline toward anything his big brother leaves within his reach. There is only so many times we can remind Tyler not to leave things where Max can reach them. I think at this point, the only way he'll learn is through repeated frustration over Max eating his chips, drinking his drinks, or chewing on his toys.

Tyler doesn't buy the "He's just a baby" argument any more. He is convinced that Max does things to annoy him on purpose. This is the first volley in the first battle of the ultimate war that most siblings fight in their lifetime. I guess it's my/our job to manage the fallout and try to keep the peace. Just call me The U.N.

[posted amid ear splitting yells of "Max!", "Mommy!!! He ran away with my chips!", "MAX!!! No!!" *howler monkey shreik*, "Mommy!!! He won't keep away from my computer! Make him stop it!"]



Unhinged said…
Heh, heh, heh.

Oh. I'm sorry. I shouldn't heh, heh, heh you.

Seems as if somebody needs a vacation...
Anonymous said…
I love the video..they are so cute!
Whereever did you find the cloth easter baskets?
I love those.
Anonymous said…
Aww, a little touch of Easter magic to brighten my morning and make me grin :o) I loved that video, your boys are adoreable!
Sara xxx
Lori said…
They never tell you that you need a Masters in Diplomacy when you become a parent.

Cute vid and pix!
2writehands said…
I'm giggling at this post, but only because deep down I think you are too. I mean, howler monkey shriek? :)

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